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Online/Blended Teaching

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, USEK has switched from face-to-face to emergency remote teaching and learning methods. The main objective was to make alternative arrangements for study so that you were not disadvantaged by the University closure during the Spring Semester and the Summer Session.

Based on this experience and given the current circumstances in the country, the following guidelines have been developed to ease the online/blended delivery of the Fall classes and help achieve all your academic outcomes, while ensuring that the related processes are as smooth as possible.
Basic Principles
Moodle will be used as the main Learning Management System. Untraceable activities
(Any activities not performed or posted on Moodle)
Asynchronous activities will be privileged
(This will give you the time to prepare and get ready for synchronous sessions).
Long synchronous sessions (As often compromised by bad internet connectivity and lack of student engagement)
BBB or Microsoft Teams will be used for synchronous sessions – Sessions will be recorded. Last minute announcements of synchronous sessions, assignments, or any other activity
All recordings will be available on Moodle (one link for each recording). Long/short intervals between sessions (Not posting regularly at adequate intervals may compromise your engagement and learning goals.)
Design of Learning and Assessment Activities on Moodle (on campus and online)
Course organization Courses will be organized by lesson or by chapter.
Expectations Instructors will share with you their expectations for each of the learning and assessment activities provided in each lesson/chapter.
You need to know what to do exactly to meet the requirements.
 Learning & assessment activities  Activities will be in chronological order. Different kinds of activities will be developed to include all learning types (readings, presentations with voice-over, audio notes, documents, exercises, assignments, etc.).
 Deadlines  Deadlines and the no-submission or late-submission policy (what happens if you do not respond or you are late to respond) will be set clearly.
 Grading policy  Grading policy The grading policy will be clearly defined (clear procedures will be used to assess your work, participation, input, etc.).
 Forums  Forums will be made available for Questions/Answers along with a note encouraging you to ask your questions when not on campus. You will get timely feedback and will be asked to provide your feedback as well.
Additional resources  Links to additional resources will be provided (videos, articles, animations, etc.).
 Virtual meetings  You will be invited to meet virtually with your instructors when needed.
Sense of Community
Promote and Increase Sense of Community on Campus and Online  
Get to know your instructor and each other Interact with your instructor and with one another from the beginning. Social interaction is a must.
Keep the course environment safe Respect the course rules or expectations (netiquette) shared by the instructor. This will help you be more engaged with him/her and your peers. Be open with your beliefs and values, and maintain respectful interactions with others who might hold different viewpoints.
Engage in social opportunities Engage in discussions dedicated to non-course related topics to sustain personal interactions in class or on online forums.
Communication and Support
Be flexible and always prepared to deal with any unexpected issue. We are aware that some of you may be feeling anxious and stressed during these uncertain times for us all.
Be transparent (not negative) in your communication about technology failure.
Keep in mind that your instructor has backup plans for all technology-based assignments and assessments.
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