About ACIE


Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) promotes innovation and entrepreneurship within the USEK. It empowers its students, faculty, alumni and community by providing them with the necessary tools, resources and networks to support their entrepreneurial initiatives.


The platform for innovation, entrepreneurship, incubation, mentoring and value creation at USEK.

Strategic goals

​1. To supplement students' academic experience through completing the learning cycle from idea creation to implementation.
2. To act as a bridge that connects both students and faculty to the marketplace and to the startup ecosystems beyond campus.
3. To act as a catalyst for interfaculty cooperation linking scientific and commercial disciplines.
4. To promote a proactive role and an entrepreneurial spirit in the face of problems facing our youth.
5. ACIE becomes the OLM enabler for modern economic development by establishing synergies between young innovators and the OLM.
6. To capitalize on BDL Circular 331 and the international initiatives that aim to promote entrepreneurship.
7. To increase interaction and synergies with surrounding community of SME's, Business leaders, Banks, and entrepreneurs and the USEK.
8. To promote social entrepreneurship among students to create solutions that not only bring economic growth but also have a positive impact on our surrounding environment.
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