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May 18, 2017
Diploma of Master of Architecture – Class of 2017. Visit and tribute to Mr. Antoine Chaaya

Thursday May 18, 2017 was a memorable date for the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, which witnessed a gathering of local and international architects as members of the jury for final projects in Architecture. Among those who were present was Antoine Chaaya, Partner Architect of the great Renzo Piano (RPBW) and an USEK alumnus, who was nominated by the Dean Paul Zgheib as the patron of the class of young architects 2017. In recognition of his numerous accomplishments in the field of architecture taking, once again, the reputation of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts to the international level, Mr. Chaaya was awarded a trophy by Rev. Fr. Antoine Al Tahan, Director of the Alumni Relations Office.

Mr. Chaaya, moved by this award which he described as symbolic, expressed his strong belonging to USEK which he does not fail to quote in all his publications and his interviews all over the world. He then addressed the students by reminding them of the opportunity they had of studying in a University that is concerned to provide them with such high-level teaching, while making them aware of their responsibility towards the environment and towards the surrounding community which he recommends be respected as a matter of priority. Mr. Chaaya concluded his speech by wishing the young graduates courage, energy, inspiration and passion to go beyond their dreams since ambition and the will to succeed have no limits.
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