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New USEK Alumni Breakthrough in Cancer Research

USEK has yet another reason to feel proud as its alumna Cynthia Kassab, M.D., is marking a new milestone in cancer history. Currently a postdoctoral research fellow in the Brain Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy Lab at MD Anderson, Houston, Cynthia is leading a unique project that studies how immune cells interact with glioblastoma, an aggressive brain tumor. Using new and complex techniques to find out why certain types of immune cells gather in a specific area, this information will help researchers develop more effective immunotherapies and lead to better patient outcomes.

Dr. Kassab speaks fondly of USEK’s influence on her work: “USEK built grit and passion in me towards medicine, and the story did not end here. It is just a start, a small step, and the best is yet to come!”.

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