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June 27, 28 & 29, 2013
The 13th International American Lebanese Medical Association Congress

Between, and including, the dates of June 27 and 29, 2013, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) hosted the 13th International American Lebanese Medical Association Congress (ALMA). This conference was organized by the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Science, in cooperation with the Lebanese Society of Medical Oncology and the Lebanese Urology Society.

The inauguration session took place in the presence of MP Dr. Walid El Khoury, the President of the Order of Physicians, Dr. Antoine Boustany, USEK Vice President, Fr. Prof. Karam Rizk, the Secretary General of the University, Fr. Dr. Michel Abou Tacca, the President of the Lebanese American Medical Association, Dr. Issam Raad, the Dean of the organizing Faculty, Prof. Jean-Claude Lahoud, in addition to various Deans of Faculties of Medicine from other Lebanese universities, members of the University Council and medical specialists.

The conference tackled the subject of cancer; the sessions examined relevant diagnosis and treatment monitoring, in addition to risk, recent developments in the field and prevention methods.

Following the Lebanese National Anthem, Ms. Tina Habib welcomed the attendees and stated that, “Medicine is a noble vocation, and today ALMA has succeeded in proving that they are an instrumental organization, in highlighting the core values associated with the calling for healthcare professionals…”

Then, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Medical Sciences at USEK, Prof. Jean-Claude Lahoud stated, “Our society, as you all know, is having a difficult time of division and conflicting fruitless debates. This division eats away at our country like a cancer. And this year, the theme of our conference is cancer…” He thanked the Lebanese American Medical Association for cooperating with the Faculty and added, “This cooperation is one of many strategic choices in our Faculty.

These include: accreditation from Evalag for five years and the aim for more accreditations, bilingualism, the American academic credit system, an opportunity for students to obtain two separate diplomas, a three-year Bachelor degree in medical sciences and a four-year MD, consolidating our relationships with French universities. We are also looking to broaden our horizons with the USA.”

The President of the Lebanese American Medical Association, Prof. Issam Raad, declared, “The American Lebanese Medical Association facilitates the intersection of several cultures, with number one being the culture of medicine itself. The second is the culture of accepting others and the third is the Lebanese culture. ALMA stresses several important priorities in terms of its core values; these are creativity and excellence, plus integrity, which is very important in any profession but is most important in medicine; finally, our allegiance to our country, Lebanon.” He concluded, “I would like to address USEK and the medical school with my very special regard. This place is not only a ‘high rise’ of education…but it’s a place also of great calling. It…reminds us and draws us back to thoughts of that great physician that came to our country Lebanon 2000 years ago, who healed the sick and showed his loving kindness to people. He taught us what it means to be physicians to the calling and it is in this place that we bow our heads with great respect for USEK and its medical school and for the all its programs and say that you are indeed our example that we look up to, and you are indeed the salt of this land and you are the light in the darkness of this whole area.”

Afterwards, the President of the Order of Physicians, Dr. Antoine Boustany, took the floor and praised the importance of the conference. He said that “…high profile colleagues all came to participate, especially those in the Lebanese American Association who always think of Lebanon and of serving their nation, not only in words, but also in deeds. In fact, they organize this conference annually in Lebanon, and this year it is USEK’s turn to host it.”

Then USEK Vice President, Fr. Prof. Karam Rizk, stated that “This gathering today proves the commitment of both the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, namely our Faculty of Medicine and the American Lebanese Medical Association, to their unswerving efforts that aim for the development of Medicine and, consequently, to the advancement of the human being on various levels…Through this event, we are not only sharing practices, ideas and may be solutions but also a common vision that elevates the quality of life of the human being.”

Finally, before the organized celebratory dinner, Fr. Rizk presented a medal to each of the speakers at the conference.

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