Technology Transfer Office

What is the role of the TTO?
The TTO plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transfer of innovative technologies, inventions, and knowledge developed at our institution to the broader community.

We connect academia with industry, support startups, and protect intellectual property.
Who can benefit from the TTO?
The Technology Transfer Office (TTO) plays a vital role in benefiting various stakeholders:
1. Researchers and faculty: The TTO protects and commercializes research, boosting recognition and revenue.
2. Students: The TTO provides mentorship and resources for aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators.
3. Entrepreneurs: The TTO offers support for startup incubation, including funding and mentorship.
4. Industry partners: Collaboration with the TTO grants access to innovative research and technologies.
5. Investors: The TTO helps identify promising startups and technologies for potential investment.
6. Government and development agencies: The TTO supports innovation and economic growth partnerships.
7. Local communities: TTO-driven startups create jobs and stimulate economic growth.
8. Society: TTO innovations address challenges, improve healthcare, and advance technology.

In summary, a Technology Transfer Office at a university serves as a catalyst for transforming academic research and innovations into real-world applications, benefiting a wide range of stakeholders and contributing to economic and societal progress.
How can I collaborate with the TTO?
Collaborating with the TTO is easy. Whether you are a faculty member, researcher, student, or external partner, simply reach out to us with your innovative idea or project, and we will guide you through the entire process.
I have an invention, how can the TTO help?
What is invention disclosure?
An invention disclosure is a formal document that is used to record the details of a new and potentially patentable invention. It is typically prepared by the inventor(s) and is submitted to their organization’s technology transfer office or patent department. The primary purpose of an invention disclosure is to initiate the process of protecting the intellectual property rights associated with the invention, such as filing for a patent.
How can I stay updated on TTO events and news?
Visit our webpage regularly for the latest news, events, and updates.
How does the TTO protect intellectual property (IP)?
The TTO assists in identifying, protecting, and commercializing intellectual property generated by our institution. We can help with patents, copyrights, trademarks, industrial designs, geographic indications, and licensing agreements.
How to assess if a technology is patentable?
Assessing technology for patentability involves checking if it is novel, useful, and nonobvious. The subject must fall within patentable categories, and its utility should be demonstrable. A detailed, clear description and well-defined claims are crucial. Conduct a patent search, seek legal advice, and consider costs and timing during the process.
What is licensing? And what are its benefits?
Licensing is a legal arrangement where one party (licensor) grants another (licensee) permission to use their intellectual property (IP), such as patents or trademarks, under specified conditions. Licensors benefit by generating revenue, expanding their market reach, and reducing risks. Licensees gain access to valuable IP, reducing development time and costs, while also benefiting from established brand reputations and potential exclusivity. Licensing agreements are binding contracts defining terms, like royalties, duration, and quality control, to ensure a mutually advantageous partnership for both parties.
Can external organizations collaborate with the TTO?
Absolutely! We welcome collaboration with external partners, businesses, investors, and startups, as well as with industrials, hospitals, and other academic institutions. Contact us to discuss potential opportunities.
How can I work with industry?
It can happen via diverse types of agreements, such as industrial agreements, sponsorship, or research, among others. Do not hesitate to contact the TTO for more information.
How can I contact the TTO for inquiries or collaboration?
You can reach our team through the contact information provided on our webpage. We are always here to assist you with your innovation and technology transfer needs.
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