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The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts was established in 1974. Its objective is to orient young people towards a brilliant future, while its mission consists of the development of creativity and human potential. The programs offered by the Faculty enable students to acquire a cultural education, in addition to competencies that will enable them to distinguish themselves in their discipline. The diversity of the proposed programs promotes interactivity in multidisciplinary research workshops and provides students with a high level of dynamism. Curricula are regularly updated according to the requirements of the profession.

During the period of studies, students will develop analytical minds, and creative skills, as well as the ability to adapt to any change; qualities that have become unavoidable in the professional world. The Faculty follows a development plan that combines, on the one hand, classic teaching methods with the latest technologies, and on the other hand, theory with practice. It has a cooperation network with various local and international academic institutions: exchange programs, participation in seminars and common projects.

The main mission of the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts is to prepare tomorrow’s qualified, creative, and sophisticated experts, who are willing to participate in the improvement of their communities, and to contribute to the progress of humanity by using the top-level quality and intercultural education they acquired at USEK. Our Faculty members instill their knowledge and proficiency in our students, giving them spirit, leadership abilities, sustainable social and environmental responsibilities, as well as passion and innovation. We are also keen on arousing our students’ civic responsibility, honesty, reliability and loyalty as well as their sense of commitment, openness and tolerance.

Furthermore, and since we are located in the heart of a region known historically for its immeasurable value, we are driven to be worthy of this noble heritage by working with all our means to safeguard and protect our patrimony.

The Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts consists of the following departments/programs:

Department of Architecture

  • Bachelor and Master in Architecture (Combined program)

Department of Design and Interior Architecture

  • Bachelor of Arts in Design and Applied Arts
  • Master in Interior Architecture

Department of Visual Communication

  • Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Visual Art
  • Master of Arts in Communication and Visual Arts

Department of Digital Media

  • Bachelor of Arts in Digital Media
  • Master of Arts in Digital Media

Contemporary Art

  • Master of Arts in Contemporary Art
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