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Place Materials on Reserve

Course reserves overview

  The USEK Library Course Reserves Service allows faculty members to set aside library print and non-print items and/or instructor copies of required materials for coursework.

Reserve items are for registered students in a specific course and other USEK members including students, faculty and staff. Unlike other library materials, course reserves have a non-renewable shorter loan period to allow many users ready access throughout the semester.


  • Reserve lists normally include mandatory and recommended reading for USEK courses: books, textbooks, journal articles, bound periodicals, CDs, DVDs, and course packs;
  • These items are located behind the Circulation Desk within the Library and are issued for short loan periods;
  • To check out reserves material, you must be USEK faculty, student or staff;
  • Most reserve items may be checked out of the Library; however, in some cases, materials can only be used on-site;
  • Reserve materials cannot be renewed;
  • Up to two items can be checked out or placed on hold;
  • You can borrow reserve items for up to three hours between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or overnight if you check them out after 4:00 p.m. Overnight loan items must be returned by 9:00 a.m. the next day;
  • Weekend loans are also available;
  • Overdue fines for reserve items are 1 USD per item per hour, including overnight and are set to a 10 USD limit;
  • Users who repeatedly or purposefully withhold items from other users are subject to penalties and restrictions.


The Course Reserves Service allows instructors to place materials on reserve.

Course Reserve requests are submitted online.

To place a request, please complete the Course Reserve Request Form , entering all item information for the materials you wish to reserve.

Course Reserve Materials
  • If you are an instructor at USEK you can place up to 30 titles on reserve at any branch of USEK Library;
  • Library books, book chapters, CDs, DVDs, articles or photocopies of articles, maps or copies of maps, bound periodicals and course packs can be placed on the reserve list;
  • Your course packs can include library and personal materials such as syllabi, books, book chapters, journal articles, lecture notes, class assignments, class handouts, sample tests, CDs, DVDs, copies of maps, bound periodicals and other relevant material to support classroom instruction;
  • Any materials from your personal library can be included on the reserve list. The items will be labeled and barcoded by the Library and returned to you at the end of the semester;
  • Items that cannot be placed on reserve include library-use-only material such as items from the Reference Collection, materials from other libraries lent via Interlibrary Loan, and photocopies of whole works, or the majority of a work;
  • You can create direct links to the Library. Including links to materials, rather than downloading and uploading, bypasses copyright restrictions. These links can be used for e-learning, or sent as e-mails.

For more information on how to create permanents links to Electronic Resources, please refer to the How to Create Permanent Links to Online Resources. Library staff are also available to assist you in the linking procedure.

Course Reserves Requests
  • We recommend submitting all reserves requests as early as possible each semester to ensure materials are made available for the first week of class;
  • Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. After the first week of the semester, processing your request can take up to 5 working days. Please note, in special circumstances, it may take longer for the requested material to be made available;
  • Course materials are removed from the Circulation Desk at the end of each term. Course pack materials submitted for course reserves will be returned to instructors via campus mail;
  • If an instructor would like materials to remain in place for the next semester of an ongoing course, they should notify the Circulation Desk by e-mail before the end of the semester.

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