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How to Create Permanent Links to Online Resources

The Library provides USEK users with access to an array of Electronic Resources. Access is open from any computer located on-campus, and if USEK members wish to log in off-campus they can use their USEK username and password.

To make an article, e-book, journal or chapter available on the e-learning platform or even share it with another USEK user, follow the procedure below to create a permanent link. Please note, simply copying the URL from the browser will not work.

How to Locate and Save a Permanent Link for an Article

  • Access the USEK Electronic Resources page, and select the desired database;
  • The publisher usually provides a permanent link somewhere on the article information page, indicated by words such as ‘persistent URL’, ‘stable URL’, ‘infomark’, ‘permalink’, ‘document URL’, ‘durable link’, ‘linking options for this record’ or ‘DOI’.

Here’s an example of a permanent URL taken from the Academic Search Complete database:

If you stop at this stage, the URL will only be accessible from on-campus.

How to Create a Proxied Link for Off-Campus Access

Congratulations! You have created a permanent link, which you can access on or off campus, post on e-learning or send in an e-mail.

For more information, please contact the Electronic Collections Department
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