Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M.
Monday to Friday 8:00 A.M. To 4:00 P.M.

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“We are committed to build a culture that welcomes all and connects us with our patrons of today and tomorrow. Our roadmap embarks on optimizing our resources and strengthening our discoverability”

Father Joseph Moukarzel, Library Director


USEK Library has upheld its academic support by preserving and conserving the Lebanese culture heritage in all its aspects (historical, religious, and philosophical) and formats (newspapers, manuscripts, rare books, archives, photographs, and maps etc.).

The library is fully automated and many of its resources, electronic resources, and reference services are accessible from off-campus, providing a virtual atmosphere that support research.

The library provides customized reference and instruction services through online channels (webinars through Microsoft Teams, emails, chat online), and in person to walk-in users and classes to promote a culture of information literacy at all levels.

Researchers from Lebanon and abroad frequently visit the USEK Library for its rich yet historical collections particularly on Lebanon and the Middle East. The USEK library opens a total of 40 hours per week.

The print and electronic collections are enriched on a regular basis to support the University Curricula.
Print and Electronic Collections
Monographs: 234,903 Volumes (204.110 Titles)
Print Journals titles: 1860
Print Newspapers titles: 89
Occupied bookshelves: 7,172.61 Linear Meter
Databases: 104
Electronic Book titles: 283,165
Electronic Journal titles: 77,555
Digital Collection
USEK Library: 8,389,240 Images (97.6TB)
Phoenix Center (Archives): 6,076,414 Images (99.5 TB)
Special Collection
Manuscripts: 2156 Titles
Rare Books: 4774 Volumes (2822 Titles)
Microfilms: 2461
Microfiches: 215
Facts and Figures, 2020-2021


Libraries: 5 (Main Campus, Chekka, Zahlé, Rmeich, Health Library)
Seating capacity, total: 467
Public computer workstations, total: 99 (7 self-service Copy-Print-Scan (CPS) multifunction machines)
Study Rooms: 3 (18 seats)
Conference Room: 1 (20 seats)


Items circulated, renewed, borrowed, or checked out: 2,470
Information services transactions: 390
Information services consultations: 400
Visits to main library website: 45,368 approx.
Visitors Subscriptions: 52
Library Tours: 12 (11 in-person / 1 virtual)


Monographs: 1539
Database: 104
E-journal articles and E-books download: 150,832 approx.
Book publishing: 1


Restoration, total: 17 (3 in progress)
Repair, total: 8


Faces and Memories: Photo and Vintage Equipment Exhibition, December 2021
Visit of President Camille Chamoun to Argentina (1954), November 2021
Artworks of Victor Haddad, July 2021
Jawdat Haydar: Shakespeare of the Arabs and Literature Genius, December 2020


Academic Libraries (Main Library and Branches): 17
Conservation and Digitization Centers: 18
Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies (Archives): 15
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