Spring Semester Academic Updates

This Question and Answer (Q&A) section highlights the main academic issues which you might be concerned about during the 2020–2021 Spring Semester. It serves as a set of instructions aimed to answer the points that might be causing you confusion during distance learning, financial concerns, exams, graduation, etc.

This section does not cover all the questions that you might have in mind; therefore, we believe that it can be further developed and enriched with your feedback and comments

If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to communicate with us at

Distance Learning
1. Is the Spring Semester online or on-campus?
The current semester is blended. Most courses are online, but some might require on-campus attendance. Your instructor will notify you ahead of time (via E-Learning, Microsoft Teams, USEK e-mail or Mobile App)whether campus attendance is required or not.

2. What are the technical requirements I need to be successfully involved in for distance learning?
Technical requirements vary from an online course to another, but you need at least a high-speed Internet connection, a computer capable of running the Learning Management System (Moodle) and specified online learning software (such as Microsoft Teams). Courses using web-conferencing software require mainly microphones, and in particular cases webcams.

3. What if I meet the requirements but have limited access to my courses?
In online classes, you learn at their own pace. Although synchronous sessions are conducted, they are recorded, and their related links are made available. As for the other types of learning activities, they are posted on Moodle and you can access them anytime. Regarding the assessment activities, they are announced ahead of time so that you can manage your access accordingly. In case the timing is not suitable, you should inform your instructor asap, so that he/she can reschedule the assessment or provide you with another opportunity to undertake it at a different time.

4. Are my instructors taking into consideration these issues while developing online learning and assessment activities?
Instructors know that not all their students meet the above-mentioned requirements; they also know about the internet connectivity issues as they are dealing with them too and are designing their courses accordingly.Please trust that USEK’s administration, instructors and staff are doing their best to provide you with the needed support during the nationwide knockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, as your interests are our main goal.

5. What if a learning or assessment activity requires a specific computer or software that I do not have?
Inform your instructor about your case for him/her to provide you with an alternative mean to undertake the activity.

6. What if I have technological difficulties?
You may contact the IT Office by sending an email to

7. How will the lab courses, studio-based courses, clinical courses, internships, senior projects, and other types of courses be delivered and graded?
Instructors, with the support of the USEK Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC), are working on developing innovative methods of delivering lab, studio, clinical and other hands-on classes. While successfully adopted in some courses, others still require face-to-face teaching.
Financial aid and tuition payment
1. I am facing unexpected financial hardships because of COVID-19. Are there any resources available to help me?
You may contact the Financial Aid Office and ask about the possibility of spreading and/or postponing your tuition payment(

2. What is the current LBP/USD rate at USEK?
USEK is adopting the official LBP rate: 1$ = 1515LBP. You may settle your tuition fees at any of the following banks: Bank of Beirut, Byblos Bank, Audi Bank and BLOM Bank. You can also settle your tuition fees online (without commission) by clicking here.

3.How are the tuition fees spread throughout the semester?
The remaining amount of your tuition fees is spread over 3 payments throughout the semester. We invite you to regularly check the academic calendar and mobile app regarding the payment deadline.

4. If I have outstanding balance remaining from the previous semester, can I register for the upcoming one?
You may contact the Financial Aid Office and ask about the possibility of spreading and/or postponing your payments (
1. Is there support available for students experiencing stress or anxiety as a result of the coronavirus outbreak?
The University continuously seeks to ensure the well-being of all its students. You can schedule remote counseling support services with the University Counseling Center (UCC) by sending an email to

2. What precautions is USEK taking to protect the community against Covid-19?
The University Council and the Crisis Management Committee are meeting regularly to oversee and monitor the situation while closely coordinating with the Ministry of Public Health and following the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

i. Access is limited to the main gate.
ii. Sanitizer dispensers have been placed across the campus along with the necessary signage.
iii. Temperature checks, mandatory face masks while on campus and social distancing measures.

3. If I am tested positive for Coronavirus, should I inform the University? How can I catch up on the missed online sessions if I couldn’t attend?
Yes, we recommend you to inform your dean and the people on-campus whom you were in contact with. You will be able to study at your own pace,as all lessons and presentations are shared and recorded over Microsoft Teams.

4. What are the prevention measures taken when classes require on-campus attendance?
Classes that require on-campus attendance are scheduled in large classrooms, with 50% capacity. Physical distancing is enforced, and the instructor has the right to ask students to leave if they are not wearing their face masks properly.

5. I have a specific health condition and I want to find out about the support provided when needed.
USEK is committed to build a diverse and inclusive community. If you are a student/candidate with a disability or health problem,please provide us with the necessary details which allow us to offer you the required support services and accommodations to ease your journey. Please contact us at

6. How can I get in touch with my advisor?
You may get in touch with your advisor by:
- Sending them an email;
- Calling them at the office;
- Sending a message over Microsoft Teams;

To find out who your advisor is, please click here. Keep in mind that your advisor is also an instructor who might be delivering a course. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for them to get back to you.

7. How can I request official documents from the Registrar’s Office?
To order any document or administrative request (Change of program, withdraw,etc.), please send an email to mentioning your ID number and the type of request.

8. How can I submit a petition online?
To submit your petition, please click here and follow the instructions.
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