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Lean Library Access Browser Extension

To have quick and simple access to all of USEK Library’s digital content use the Lean Library Access browser extension:
  • Download the Lean Library Access browser extension here. It is compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and other browsers.
  • Install the extension, select “Holy Spirit University of Kaslik” from the list of institutions, and you are ready to go.

When actively searching for material online, you will be notified when you have accessed a website that USEK Library has a subscription for. Then, it’s just a single click to open the site and get immediate access to all licensed material on that site instead of having to join or subscribe to that site. If you are off-campus, you can now have seamless access to all electronic materials provided by USEK Library without visiting the Library website.

The browser extension shows an icon in the bookmarks bar. It works almost like a traffic light. If the icon is green, then you have access. A grey icon means that access is denied. If the article you’d like to use doesn’t seem accessible, Lean Library Access will automatically check for open access versions of this article.

What about my privacy?
By using the Lean Library Access extension, you will remain completely anonymous. The Lean Library Access browser extension doesn’t collect any personal information or IP address unless you actively share it.

For support with Lean Library Access, please email the Electronic Collections Department.
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