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USEK Carpooling Program

In order to face Lebanon’s fuel crisis, the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) is proud to re-launch its much-awaited carpool initiative for the second year in a row.

Staff, faculty, and students can join the Green USEK’s Carpooling Program by sending a DM to 09 600 921, stating their full name, USEK ID, and region. A link to join a WhatsApp group will be received shortly thereafter, in addition to the main Carpool Regulations.

Students will have access to their own covered VIP parking spot at the Student Parking, along with many rewards. The carpooling logo should be clearly displayed on the windshield. To have a guaranteed parking spot, a driver plus two in the car is a must.

Do not hesitate to join this eco-friendly initiative to save time, save transportation costs, and save the environment!
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