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Youssef Abdallah Lahoud

Collection code: CAL2016/6
Collection title: Youssef Abdallah Lahoud Archives Collection

Biographical note

Youssef Abdallah Lahoud (Magistrate)

Youssef Abdallah Lahoud was "Sheikh Soleh" of Amchit village in 1891. He held this position for thirty-three years and gathered documents for the treasure of “El Moutassarifia”.
During this period, he held the position of the mayor of Amchit for a single electoral cycle.
He married Mary Gabriel Lahoud. He died in 1924.

Collection Description

The collection of Youssef Abdallah Lahoud includes:
  • Papers: Personal and financial documents, correspondences, movables, real estate, Court, Diplomas, Local studies and statistics.
  • Press: Newspapers cuttings and articles.
  • Photos: personal, family, and well known people.


Family, Historical.

Material Importance:

The archive of Youssef Abdallah Lahoud (Sheikh Soleh of Amchit village) is a rich, voluminous family and historical archive. This archive makes it possible to retrace the life of Youssef Abdallah Lahoud and correspondences of the Lahoud family. Thanks to his well-preserved and well-organized archives the papers serve as a legacy of the times spanning over a century, and can be made available for the use of researchers.

Languages used

Arabic, French.

Dates range

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