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Youssef Salameh

Collection code: CAL2014/10
Collection title: Youssef Salameh Archives Collection

Biographical note

Youssef Fadlallah Salameh (1906- 2001)

Journalist and poet of the Arabic language, Youssef Fadlallah Salameh was born in Baalbeck in 1906. His parents played a great role in developing his poetic passion. He completed his secondary classes at the Episcopal School in Baalbeck where he learned poetic rhythms and mastered the Arabic language.

In 1925, his work was first published in the Baalbeck newspaper.

In 1929, he left his work at the Baalbeck newspaper and founded the monthly literary magazine Jupiter, which became politicized and changed its name in 1942 to become "Al Asser". "Al Asser" appeared without interruption in Sidon until September 1978.

In 1934, Youssef Salameh married Eugénie El Khoury and they had 4 children: Riad, Nohad, Jouheina, and Amal.

Youssef Fadlallah Salameh was a prolific journalist and poet and wrote fifteen poetry collections. He died in 2001.

Collection description

The collection of Youssef Abdallah Lahoud currently includes:
  • Papers: correspondence, official documents, personal, identity documents, and photos
  • Newspapers archive: Al Aasser, Al Kalam, Ras Baalbeck, An-nahar, Baalbeck, and Al Chabab
  • Magazines: Jupiter, and miscellaneous other



Material importanc

The archive of Youssef Salameh (journalist and poet) is a rich and voluminous literary archive. This archive makes it possible to retrace the life of Youssef Salameh in all his literary activities. Thanks to his archives Salameh’s legacy is secured and future studies and research of this collection are made possible.
Languages used: Arabic, French.

Dates range

1925 - 2001
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