Board Members

Christopher El Murr

Christopher is an inspiring and effective leader with a strong commitment to teamwork and over two years of experience in concept development and implementing developmental programs. A student of clinical psychology at USEK, Christopher has demonstrated academic excellence, marked by a track record of achievements and milestones across various domains.

Chris joined UMC in 2021 and from there on grew to become the head of trainings, then head of programs, and now the chairperson of UMC. Chris aims to lead the board towards collective growth and development so that UMC always stays in a healthy and all-inclusive growth environment. In addition, Chris is a proven problem-solver with strategic capacities and an unwavering readiness to find solutions to overcome obstacles. The key to his success is always believing in the importance of teamwork thanks to the rich and diverse team at UMC.

Joy Topalian
Lead Executive

Joy is a USEK junior studying business management and entrepreneurship. She had been following the entrepreneurial environment and has accomplished several objectives, including but not limited to holding the role of lead executive at UMC and developing Lebanese students’ skills throughout their professional career at IDARA Programme as a member of the founding committee. Promoted from competition organizer to president of the Student Community at the Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) and leading a workshop with up to 40 applicants, she completed the FNF & Riyada 4-day summer program on “Revolutionizing Polities: Through the Lens of Technology”, where she won the honorable mention award. Joy’s ambition has kept growing ever since.

Diana Al Hayek
Head of Logistics and Communications

Diana is a third-year biochemistry student at USEK. Her academic journey has been guided by a profound passion for science and seeking knowledge in general.
Diana’s commitment to personal growth and community involvement led her to a journey of self-development at UMC, growing with the chapter to become its head of communications and logistics.
Beyond UMC, she is engaged in several voluntary activities and is the student representative of USEK’s Zahle RUC. In all that she does, she strives to leave an impact on society, advocating for positive change.

Elsa Karam
Head of Programs

Elsa is a third-year biochemistry student at USEK. Besides a keen interest in neuroscience within the pharmaceutical industry, she is also the communications officer for USEK’s ACS Chapter and the head of programs at the USEK Model United Nations Chapter (UMC), which illustrates her leadership, communication, and team-building skills. Elsa’s goal is to make a meaningful impact in the medical field through scientific advancements.

Tony Hayek
Head of Trainings

Tony El Hayek is a dynamic mechanical engineering student with a passion for precision and innovation. Alongside his academic pursuits, he is also a skilled bass guitarist, striking the perfect balance between technical expertise and creative expression. His love for chess reflects his strategic mindset, always planning and making calculated moves.

Beyond his individual talents, he excels as a team player, seamlessly collaborating with others to achieve shared objectives. Tony currently serves as the head of trainings in the USEK Model United Nations Chapter (UMC) and is a dedicated scout leader, mentoring and guiding the next generation of diplomats and leaders. His well-rounded and versatile nature allows him to thrive in both technical and creative domains, making him an invaluable asset in any endeavor.
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