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Claude Abi Saad

From Ehmej, Jbeil, Lebanon, Claude Abi Saad was born in 1965 into a home founded upon solid values and faith in God. Today, he and his wife are raising their two sons on the same principles and values.

His first steps were in his father’s commercial and industrial shop.
There, he has mastered an unmatched skill in solving the mysteries of commercial safes, which requires professionalism, precision and a high level of technicity.
And there also, he has learnt about the founding principles of art, commerce and mechanics, which he would later on carry as flexible tools upon which he would lay the solid foundations for his business and creations.

Possessing a highly sensitive personality and a keen sense of observation, Claude has invested in these God-granted “talents” and thus studied music and its history, as well as painting and mastered the art of sculpture.

Furthermore, his refined sense of taste led him to freely experiment in the culinary art in his own kitchen, where he adjusted, modified and created diversified versions of traditional recipes, sorting tastes, just as one would sort colors, before reconstituting them once again; as a result of this process, he created fabulous dishes that would acquire a new identity with novel and delicious tastes.

Thanks to his education and experience, Claude has become a man of refined senses and abilities: while pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), he undertook the study and execution of numerous interior design projects, which drew the attention of his instructors and peers.

Claude has executed many architectural projects of his own design, including shops, clinics, hospitals, villas, mansions and restaurants, amounting to hundreds of projects in Lebanon, Europe- notably in Germany- Russia, the Gulf region and elsewhere.

Claude’s observation of the differences and similarities between Eastern and Western civilizations has influenced his vision.

He has always been haunted by the desire to combine all this lush diversity and mold it together into a single tune. This attempt has culminated in creating his own imprint through merging all possible aspects of beauty, whether in music, where he succeeded in introducing some new techniques thus orientalizing his classic guitar (the instrument closest to his heart); in cooking, where he introduced new creations and concepts that he later served as exquisite dishes in his restaurant chain both in Lebanon and abroad and that set his restaurants apart; or in drawing and architecture, where he brought Eastern and Western architectural designs closer together, and introduced a new conception signed Claude Abi Saad.

Claude holds the position of consultant for architectural matters to the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM). He has designed, restored and executed the building of numerous churches and monasteries. Moreover, he was the designer architect of a number of shrines in Aannaya, Jrebta and Kfifane.

As "Concepteur", Claude Abi Saad has introduced inventive concepts and ideas for many projects, including one whose sales rate has exceeded the general sales rate in the region.

Another project of his, “Mont Mema”, a huge residential compound located on the top of a very steep hill, posed a great challenge. Nevertheless, Claude came up with an original concept in order to provide a smart solution to the problem. This particular project has exceptionally received many legal exemptions in order to preserve its uniqueness and splendor, thereby deserving International Awards for innovative concept from Arabian Property Awards: - Best Residential Development, - Highly Commented Mixed-Used Development.

On a different note, Claude has collaborated with a number of municipalities, including the Municipality of Jbeil-Byblos, for which he redesigned the buildings’ facades in the commercial street, which has added a unique aesthetic touch on an urban scale.

Today, Claude owns two restaurants in Byblos: “LOCANDA a la granda” and “KSAR lebanese diner”, and is partner in "BABEL", "BEBABEL" and "AHWET ZEITOUNA" restaurants, of which he has created both the idea and the concept. Moreover, these last three restaurants branched out from Lebanon to other countries (Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Egypt…), where their cuisine is exceptionally popular and their architecture considered as a touristic landmark, especially in some Arab Gulf countries. This is but a proof of the people’s amazement and admiration for these restaurants’ creative and innovative design, which incarnates a wild imagination that transcends all that's familiar.

Claude Abi Saad believes in the theory of Holistic Architecture and has abided by it in all his work throughout his life.

In fact, he considers that an interior space forms a cohesive unit with the exterior, and that the latter is but a reflexion of the former. This explains the total compliance of his works and signatures with the said theory.

However, Claude did not content himself with the above-mentioned achievements; using the theory of Holistic Architecture, he challenged himself and employed all his “talents”: his senses, abilities, education and experiences, putting them all at the service of Architecture in such creations as “The CRYSTAL PALACE", as locals and visitors call it, in Kfour, Kesrouan, Lebanon.

This amazing construction has become a true artistic landmark and an architectural “icon” for its exceptional design and creative imagination.

Today, Claude Abi Saad’s name has become a reference for the embodiment of human spirit, intellect and senses in the finest design creations.
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