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Mahmoud Adnan Makié

Born in Baalbek – Lebanon on April 20, 1974, Mahmoud Adnan Makié is a magistrate who holds a Bachelor of Laws from the Lebanese University and a Diploma from the Institute of Judicial Studies in Beirut, as well as a an advanced postgraduate diploma (Diplȏme d’Études Approfondies – DEA) in Business Law from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). He is presently preparing his doctoral thesis at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Throughout his long career, he attended several trainings and workshops and earned a BA from the Institute of Judicial Studies in France following an introductory training to the French judicial system, in addition to a training certificate from the Court of First Instance in Peron, France.

Prior to his appointment as Secretary General to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers on 18 March 2019, he held several positions, first as a magistrate at the Directorate General of the Ministry of Justice starting 2000, then as a referee magistrate in 2002, a counsellor to the Court of Appeal, and an assigned counsellor to the Court of Cassation in Beirut. His diverse career spans over many areas of law. As such, he was appointed president of the Financial Court of First Instance in Beirut in 2009 and presided over the Juvenile Criminal Court and the Customs Court. In 2017, he presided over the Commercial Court of Appeal and, in the same year, the Special Banking Court of Appeal. Elected as Lebanon’s head of the Legal Department, he has been acting as the legal advisor to the Arab Union of Surveyors since 2002.

A lecturer at the Lebanese University, various other universities and the Lebanese Army Faculty . Judge Makié is a reputed and dedicated magistrate and a strong believer in lifelong education, research, and training. He enjoys communicating his knowledge through his lectures at the Training Institute of the Beirut Bar Association and at the Institute of Judicial Studies, wherein he is involved in the continuous learning project for judges.

Judge Makié has contributed to several publications and legal studies and is the author of a wide array of articles published in leading journals. In 2002, he published a reference book on “Interest between Legislation and Sharia and its Role on the Economic Scene” . He has also made a significant contribution to the legal field with two guides published in 2004 and 2009 respectively: the Guide to Referee Issues and the Guide to Referee Issues: Between Theory and Practice, From First Instance to Cassation (in three volumes). His other works, to name just a few, include the “Irrevocable Power of Attorney”, “Trustee in Bankruptcy”, and “Fiduciary Contracts”.
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