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Donald Batal

A driven mindset has been the powerhouse for over 25 years of continuous business gains. Donald Batal, the entrepreneur behind Classic Burger Joint and Tomatomatic Pizza, started his path at the age of 15, managing his studies while working at Super Schtroumph. His parents owned Au Vieux Cartier, one of the fine dining restaurants in the region, recognized for its diversified customer base from all over the Middle East.

During his first university years, he opened Babouche Argile Tarbouch, a seasonal concept that generated a significant revenue of one hundred thousand dollars, an amount that generally cannot be attained in such a short time.

Following seven years of prosperity with Roadster Diner and Deek Duke, Batal joined Boubess Group, Lebanon’s largest F&B firm, where he promoted five chains in Dubai, controlling Boubess Group operations for five years and establishing new concepts.

Based on his many successes, he made the decisive decision to establish his own company, Ministry of Food S.A.L., which has been growing since thanks to its reputable eateries Classic Burger Joint and Tomatomatic Pizza.

On April 1, 2010, Classic Burger Joint opened its first branch at Sodeco – Beirut with this successful launch soon followed by the opening of Tomatomatic Pizza.

Over the past six years, Classic Burger Joint has opened thirty branches in five countries, proving that burgers can be a prosperity generator locally and throughout the Gulf region, whereas Tomatomatic Pizza now numbers seven branches in two countries.

A board member of Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants in Beirut since 2014 for Café, Diners and Fast Casual, Batal is also a member of the Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI) and is the CEO of Foodsco, a food distributing company established in 2012. He is referenced as a consultant and a coach for startups and students.

In 2017, Batal took over IRADA as CEO for one year to restructure the whole company. He is currently in the process of developing three new concepts.
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