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Fares Jammal

Fares was only 10 when he picked up his camera for the first time.
Back in the days, Black and White photography was common, so the smell of darkrooms and the magic behind printing negatives is no stranger.

“A painter paints with brushes and colors, while a photographer paints with light.”

Fares evolved his understanding of the philosophy of light in a photograph... His unparalleled knowledge in exposure, filters, and timing was a great platform for him to switch to the digital era and master its techniques.

Year 1992, Fares Jammal graduated in Photography from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, where he later taught for 10 years.

His limitless ambition has taken him to the four corners of the globe, working heavily on landscapes, architecture, lifestyle, portraits, advertising, fashion, and corporate shoots.

For the past 20 years, Fares has been and still is, the personal photographer for several celebrities, singers, performers, and politicians from the Arab world.

The renowned artist won many local and international awards out of which, the privileged “2010 International Photography Award”, in New York for his Aerial photography of Yas Island.

Fares has appeared on a number of famous TV shows in the Middle East .
His love for embellishment is also carried through giving back to his community especially for his beloved town Batroun-Lebanon, where he has worked hard to maintain and preserve its rich history by being a 16 years elected member of its municipality and the president of the International Batroun Festival Committee for 5 years.

His Cultural contribution expanded, where Fares held 20 solo and collective exhibitions, in many countries around the world: LA, Dubai, Argentina, Beirut, and Paris.

From his latest solo exhibitions,
INSIGHTS INTO NATURE (displayed at Art Dubai, UAE & Photo Independent – The International Exposition of Contemporary Photography, Hollywood) features a collective exchange between artists from different disciplines around the essence of Nature.
SALT (Batroun, 2019) pays tribute to the Batrounians and narrates the stories of its people.

In 2005, Fares moved to Dubai… a decision he says “was the highlight of his life”. He discovered a second home where he met his wife and where they have been raising their three children in a city they love and respect so much.

Fares started Shadow Professional Photography company, where it only focused on photography services, and later, he expanded it to become today a highly trusted production house by local and international clients…He renamed it: Shadow Studios with over 50 employees: an inhouse creative team that handles photography and film production services from concept creation to execution and post production.
With 200 top clients Fares seems unstoppable…

From the 2008 Economic crisis to COVID-19, Fares sees in these challenges, new opportunities…He remained positive and determined by creating new strategies, new approaches, competitive rates, to help sustain and grow the company even further.

“2020 has been a great year for us…”
You don’t hear that sentence very often, but you would if you would to meet Fares.

Through all his professional years and photography projects in Dubai, Fares has witnessed the milestones the United Arab Emirates has been through… He was at the Expo 2020 announcement in France as their official photographer; he lived the adrenaline of that moment. Through his 15 years of living in the UAE, he saw, in the country, a visionary leadership, inspiration, and will power… that is ever growing.

As Fares Jammal says: “Casting a positive look at life just makes things easier, everything becomes a lot simpler!”
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