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Nader Khoury

A Lebanese artist born in Safra in 1971, Nader Khoury has been fascinated by art since his early childhood, and grew up since the age of 10 on stage and television sets alongside Ms. Mimi Farah and Professor Joseph Khalife.

At the age of 12, he released a popular song entitled La Tkhafu Ya Zghar (“Fear Not, Children”), written by Poet Moussa Zougheib and composed by Professor Joseph Andary.

After graduating from the Collège Central – Jounieh in 1989, he studied musicology at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) and was one of the soloists in the USEK Choir between 1994 and 1998.

With his artist friends Simon Obeid, Gilbert Jalkh, and Elie Khayat, Nader founded Al Fersan Al Arbaa (the Four Knights) in 2005 under the supervision of Ghadi Rahbani; the band is famous for its purposeful songs.
In addition to teaching music at the Collège des Saints-Cœurs Kfarhbab and the St. John School in Okaibe, he was a jury member on the Talenteen TV show on OTV, and an Oriental singing trainer in X Factor and The Voice.
Nader has recorded approximately 400 religious hymns and composed hymns, songs, and soundtracks for several television programs, such as the melodies of Franji Branji, a play written by George Tabet in 2013.


Nader starred in several plays by Lebanese art legend Mansour Rahbani, including:
- Al Wasiyya (The Will) in 1993.
- Akher Ayyam Sukraat (The Last Days of Socrates) in 1998.
- Al Mutanabbi in 2001.
- Muluk Al Tawa’ef (The Party Kings) in 2003.

He also participated in Romeo Lahoud’s 1995 play entitled Layali Zaman. His other stage appearances include:
- Al Mamarr ila Aasia (The Path to Asia), by Marwan and Ghadi Rahbani in 1999.
- 10452, by Reverend Father Fadi Tabet.
- Lil Ula Lil Alam (For Glory and Flag), with the Hamazkayin Band in 2006.

Nader’s TV appearances include the following shows and series:
- Wledkon Mish Elkon (Your Children are Not Yours), by Youssef El Khoury in 1994.
- Mahattaat (Stations), by Mansour Rahbani in 1997.
- Dahaya Al Madi (Victims of the Past), a series directed by Tony Farajallah.
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