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Elias Hankash

Elias Hankash is a Lebanese MP (Maronite – Metn District) and member of the Kataeb parliamentary bloc. He is also a member of the Economy, Trade and Planning parliamentary commission, and the Youth and Sports parliamentary commission.

Born in 1977 in Roumieh – Metn, he is married to Rita Lameh with whom he had three children. Following a BA in Marketing from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK), he went on to attend several training courses in other universities, such as Harvard University and the London Business School.

Due to his involvement in political activism even as a student, he gradually climbed up the Lebanese Kataeb Party echelons, leading to his appointment as Assistant to the Secretary General, then as Deputy Secretary General before he led the party elections and accessed its Political Bureau. He also acted as advisor to the Minister of Economy and Trade in 2014.

Never shying from participating in various sit-ins and protests on many key public issues, both in the Metn district and on the national level, he is best known for his opposition to the landfill sites on the Metn Coast and the high-voltage power transmission lines in the Mansourieh area, in addition to his refusal to impose any additional taxes on the Lebanese people.
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