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Outreach and Engagement office

The Outreach and Engagement office is a newly formed entity which seeks to incorporate a non-classic approach to the existing USEK Community and its operations. This office adopts the mission of seeking new ideas and challenges to maximize social impact and increase the outreach of USEK towards its community.

  • Engage external audiences (entrepreneurs and investors, international aid foundations, governmental & non-profit organizations, diaspora, alumni, corporations and individuals) interested in being part of USEK’s new business model by providing the necessary resources and talent.
  • Lead outreach initiatives with new and existing partners of USEK to secure the required funding for the project. Funding ranges from governmental and nonprofit organization grants to corporate and individual donations.
  • Utilize the university’s technology and tools to conduct projects and executive opportunities to create a full-scale working space within the USEK Community.
  • Represent the University at public speaking engagements, community meetings, boards, events, and presentations designed to seek potential outreach partnerships and opportunities.
  • Oversee, follow up, and produce the necessary reports related to new and existing projects which aim to develop the corporate aspect of the university by holding follow up meetings and making sure essential goals are reached in a timely manner.
  • Deal closely with teams to ensure strategic use of university media tools and develop the necessary marketing material for funding and collaboration recruitment.
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