Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences

(To become Faculty of Arts and Science starting September 2019)


Mission Statement
The laboratory services support the vision and mission statements of the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences through promoting research, community services and educating students towards the responsible use of the best laboratory practices.

FAFS highly equipped laboratories seek continuous improvement of their procedures and techniques to be the best research and development center at the service of our society.

Laboratories Educational Objectives
FAFS Laboratories aim to:
  • Promote the creation of research lines by enriching the laboratories with the proper equipment;
  • Boost the collaboration with the industry and research centers in order to work on useful projects for both industry and community;
  • Compile and optimize methods in order to meet the emerging challenges in the area of agriculture and food;
  • Use the best techniques, skills, and ultra-modern tools;
  • Ensure the quality and safety of agricultural and food commodities.

Laboratories Learning Outcomes
FAFS laboratories assist graduates in acquiring the ability to demonstrate:
  • Technical skills according to established laboratory standards;
  • Error recognition and analytical data integration and interpretation;
  • Professional and ethical behavior;
  • Skills consistent with the quality assurance and improvement;
  • Safe laboratory practices, including work environment, adherence to safety rules and regulations and appropriate test sample acquisition and handling;
  • Scientific knowledge relevant to national and international topics;
  • Competent use of equipment and materials in order to build their knowledge on related scientific concepts;
  • Communication skills to ensure correct, effective and appropriate data dissemination;
  • Quantitative and qualitative measurements ability, data organization, computation and interpretation of results;
  • Personal and professional growth through continuous self-education and team work.
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