Minor in Arabic Language and Literature


The mission of the minor in Arabic Language and Literature is to assist students in understanding the Arabic heritage and to enable them to acquire knowledge and practice of Arabic as a language of communication and cultural exchange. It also enables them to attain an advanced level in writing in standard Arabic. Furthermore, this minor program helps them to build a career in teaching basic Arabic and editing texts.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students are trained to understand modern and contemporary Arabic literary texts.
2. Students are trained to enhance their speaking and writing skills in Arabic.
3. Students are trained to teach basic Arabic language.

Program Outcomes

a. Understand the Arabic language and literature in the light of historical and cultural contexts and explain basic linguistic Arabic concepts.
b. Communicate effectively in Arabic both on the oral and written levels.
c. Recognize and classify Arab modern and overseas writers.
d. Compare Arabic literature to foreign literature.

Minor Requirements

LLA222     Introduction to Rhetoric and Stylistics     3
LLA315     Novel and Theater     3
LLA318     Arabic Morphology and Syntax     3
LLA326     Overseas Arabic Literature     2
LLA411     Comparative Literature     2
LLA412     Arabic Linguistics Problems     2
LLA413     Modern and Contemporary Arabic Criticism     2
LLA423     Modern and Contemporary Arabic Literature     2
Total           21
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