What are the rules and regulations when declaring a minor?

1- Students cannot apply for two minor programs at the same time. Academic minors are organized around a specific set of objectives, defined according to each field, which are achieved through a set of structured courses, not necessarily related to exclusively one discipline. Minors are expected to provide students with necessary knowledge and primary competencies.

2- Academic minor consists of 15 to 21 credit hours depending on the chosen subject, as specified in the catalogue, with at least 9 credits, chosen from courses at the upper level (code 300 or above). A group of courses are offered to students allowing them to choose the topics that they may be interested in to complete the required credits, while maintaining a degree of flexibility.

3- Courses taken in a minor may be transferred to fulfill other academic requirement, e.g. majors, general education, without reducing or affecting the minimum number of credits required for a degree. No more than 6 credits may be counted as transferred credits (from another institution). However, Students enrolled in a double degree cannot apply for a minor. Students cannot apply for a double minor as well.

4- To declare a minor, students should submit a request at the Registrar’s Office or online upon completing 30 credits of major study. The request requires the approval of the Head of the department offering the primary major and the approval of the Head of the department offering the minor. The deadline for declaration of minor is the 13th week of a semester. However, no student can declare a minor in his first year of study and in the same discipline of his major.

5- Students cannot apply simultaneously for a minor program and a double major.

6- Students cannot apply simultaneously for a minor program and a double Degree.

7- Students must meet minimal course and grade requirements, as determined by the Head of the department offering minor, to be accepted into the desired minor. Hence, students are not allowed to register for more than 21 credits per term from which 12 credits pertain to the major and 9 credits to the minor.

8- The minor requirements will follow the catalog year of the student’s primary major. The minor will not be awarded after a Bache¬lor’s Degree is awarded. However, students have the right to postpone their graduation in case they were willing to increase their GPA or finalize a Minor.

9- The academic minor will be indicated on the student’s transcript and not on the diploma. Its AVG is calculated along with the overall AVG of the major.
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