Minor in Basic Education


The main mission of the minor in Basic Education program is to train students with moral, human and ethical values, and an ability for scientific reasoning skills required in education at the primary level (in cycles I and II) and an ability to manage a class independently and responsibly.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will demonstrate all the skills necessary to synthetize and apply educational principles in everyday and professional contexts.
2. Students will become educational animators who will engage their skills in designing training packages for different objectives.
3. Students will acquire a broad range of critical reasoning skills to develop learners’ thinking and analytical abilities in different didactic and pedagogical situations.

Program Outcomes

a. Identify the various fields of education, and the different learning theories.
b. Ethically and humanely manage a classroom group or a small group.
c. Integrate technological tools in teaching.
d. Formulate and integrate the educational objectives into different didactic situations.
e. Conduct an educational analysis on educational literature.

Minor Requirements

EDU201     History of Education     3
EDU305     Class Management     3
EDU310     Learning Theories     3
EDU325     Digital Resources for School Education     3
EDU330     General Didactics     3
EDU421     Young Adult’s and Children’s Literature     3
Total           18
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