Minor in Biochemistry


The mission of the minor in Biochemistry program is to offer a consistent general program by providing students with a supportive environment to learn the general basic principles in biochemistry and the different laboratory skills and instrumental techniques.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will be prepared for pursuing further education in health-professional fields, food technology, technical and industrial biochemistry fields, environmental science and scientific communication fields.
2. Students will develop the ability to think critically, analyze, synthesize, and to use information to solve problems.
3. Students will be offered a wider scope of job opportunities.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will successfully show acquisition of basic concepts in biochemistry.
b. Students will demonstrate basic experience in laboratory and instrumental modern techniques.
c. Students will attain suitable preparation for any career related to biochemistry or entrance into professional studies such as health, food technology, and technically advanced fields.
d. Students will develop the ability to communicate scientific ideas, orally and in writing.

Minor Requirements

BCM320     Structural Biochemistry     3
BCM421     Metabolic Biochemistry     3
BCH470     Laboratory of Biochemistry     1
Electives           11 out of 22
CHE212     General Chemistry     3
CHM317     Organic Chemistry     3
CHE270     Laboratory of General Chemistry     1
CHE371     Laboratory of Organic Chemistry     1
BIO201     General biology I     1
BIO321     Human Anatomy and Physiology     3
BLG413     Molecular Biology     3
BLG322     Genetics     3
BIO271     Laboratory of General Biology I     1
BLG472     Laboratory of Molecular Biology     1
Total           18
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