Minor in Journalism and Communication


The mission of this minor is to develop the communication skills of students by providing knowledge, technical knowhow and an analytical perspective of the communication process and its elements.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Master communication techniques and tools.
2. Engage with the global connected world.
3. Analyze and evaluate the communication process in public and private domains.

Program Outcomes

a. Collect, analyze and communicate information.
b. Implement audiovisual and multimedia technology, and demonstrate working knowledge to produce effective communication.
c. Acquire knowledge to understand and analyze the communication process and implications in different contexts (social, political).
d. Communicate in a professional context using digital means.

Minor Requirements

JCM200     Information and Communication Methodology     2
JCM228     Data Collection and Analysis in Journalism     3
JCM324     Media and Society     3
JCM326     Multimedia Journalism     3
JCM328     Photojournalism     2
JCM427     Semiology of the Media Image     2
JCM428     Media Discourse Analysis     2
Total           17
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