Minor in Philosophy


The principal mission of this minor is to provide students with necessary knowledge and primary competencies in relation to their major program. It also presents a panoramic overview of the entire history of philosophy and its major thinkers, providing students with the skills of analytical and critical thinking.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will learn the basic notions in philosophy that serve as a framework for all the humanities programs.
2. Students will demonstrate all the skills necessary to pursue a graduate course and acquire the skills necessary to excel in any field of research.
3. Students will be formed to be innovators and pioneers in their graduate program as well as in future pursuits.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will correlate the various fields of human sciences, and target the interaction between philosophy and other sciences.
b. Define the key concepts of philosophy and delineate the historical and theoretical issues that give it meaning and value.
c. Recognize that philosophical wisdom is transboundary, and prioritize the Arab world, and reframe Greek philosophy within Arab­Islamic thought.
d. Build up an ethical-political knowledge and integrate it into action, and validate the parameters of meaning in their various linguistic, artistic and religious expressions.

Minor Requirements

PHI201     Introduction to Philosophy     3
PHI210     Greek Philosophy     3
PHI325     Philosophical Reading     3
PHI327     Philosophical Anthropology     3
PHI447     Moral and Political Philosophy     3
PHI448 - Islamology
or PHI449 - Modern and Contemporary Arabic Thought
    International Criminal Law     3
Total           18
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