Minor in Social Intervention


The mission of the minor in social intervention is to train undergraduate students with skills to enable them to be future social actors who drive their professional fields toward a socially equitable development, civically, economically and politically.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Students will demonstrate all the skills necessary to integrate the social dimension in everyday and professional contexts and environments.
2. Graduates will become social actors who will engage their skills in mobilization and implementation of social, sociocultural and socioeconomic projects.
3. Graduates will be able to identify the fields of action in social work and social intervention and to participate in projects of social and community development.

Program Outcomes

a. Identify the various social science disciplines through their history and their theoretical and conceptual orientations.
b. Define sociological concepts that form the basis of a sociological view in any kind of professional exercise.
c. Adopt the methods, approaches and techniques of social sciences research within an epistemological and ethical perspective.
d. Interpret communication theories perceived as psychosociological object and apply specific communication practices to the group or the general public.
e. Identify areas of action for work and social intervention on various socio-cultural, socio-educational, socio-political, socio-economic and socio-religious plans.
f. Define strategies for action in social intervention in respect of different types of groups.

Minor Requirements

SOC201     Introduction to Sociology     3
SOC325     Psycho-sociology of Communication     3
SOC335     Labor and Social Intervention, the Fundamental Concepts     3
SOC345     Labor and Social Intervention Fields     3
SOC360     Social Sciences Methods     3
SOC465     Social Intervention and Social Groups     3
Total           18
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