Minor in Sports Nutrition


The mission of this program is to prepare graduates in becoming physical fitness experts. Graduates will be able to contribute to the improvement of health and wellbeing of individuals and groups of people through professional physical activities.
The program offers the opportunity for graduates to work in corporate wellness and/or fitness centers, university or commercial athletic teams.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Prepare graduates to be competent entry-level sport nutrition experts.
2. Understand the importance of nutrition before, during or after any sport activity.
3. Evaluate the nutrition for active individuals and athletes in different fitness settings.

Program Outcomes

a. Maintain up-to-date knowledge and synthesize approaches related to sports nutrition.
b. Develop personal characteristics such as leadership and the ability to work in corporate wellness or fitness centers.
c. Apply the knowledge of food and nutrition before, during or after any sport activity.

Minor Requirements

BIO221     General Anatomy
NUT222     Nutrition and Physiology I     3
NUT335     Nutrition in the Life Cycle     3
NUT410     Physiology of Exercise     2
NUT415     Exercise Metabolism     3
NUT433     Nutrition for Athletes     2
Total           15
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