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Moving Forward with carlos Ghosn

Executive Program in Business Strategies and Performance

"Business Strategies & Performance" is an executive program targeting senior managers from the MENA region. It is organized around 10 modules that answer current world business problematics to be discussed with Mr. Carlos Ghosn along with internationally renowned experts, involving practical work and insights for running successful businesses. All proceeds will be directed to the funding of the USEK Skills and Development Center.

Contacts : +961 9 600 800

USEK Skills and Development Center

The USEK Skills and Development Center aims at developing skills needed within the Lebanese economic sectors. The main approach focuses on skills acquisition required by 3 different stakeholders: the working class needing to upskill its workmanship, people seeking jobs and aiming at reskilling by adopting new techniques, and finally engineers looking for specific skills in the ever-evolving digital world. In fact, these training sessions will help create job opportunities for people who have been affected by the economic crisis, by giving them the opportunity to manufacture high quality products that can be exported to international markets. In the near future, this training will be hopefully coupled with an industrial incubator that will give access to carpenters or blacksmiths for example to benefit from automated machinery and the support of professional engineers, which will widen their markets.

Contacts : | +961 9 600 960

The “Investment and Advisory Board for Startups”

The “Investment and Advisory Board for Startups” aims at providing expert advice and cash investment to innovative startups addressing real life problems.

The board is chaired by Mr. Ghosn and composed of business angels and senior executives who will convene three meetings per year to interact with Lebanese startups from the USEK community, offering them support and financing to grow to global markets. This board complements the work of the Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) at USEK in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation at the heart of USEK.

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