Amin Nehme

Amin Nehme is the founder and president of the Lebanese Development Network (LDN), which provides capacity-building and marketing strategies to the non-profit sector. He served as the coordinator and lecturer on Fundraising, Social Marketing, and Organizational Leadership at the “NGO Capacity Building Program” of the Lebanese American University (LAU) and a lecturer on Educational Leadership at USEK University. In addition to studying at the American University of Beirut (AUB), the Lebanese American University (LAU), and Notre Dame University (NDU), Mr. Nehme completed a professional development program in leadership, "The Strategic Leadership Simulation – Mobilizing People and Organizations."

With his extensive background in training, coaching, and consulting, Mr. Nehme provides his services to several prominent local and international organizations on topics related to Leadership, Organizational Strategies, Fundraising, Communication, and Social Marketing. In 2023, he was appointed by The International Education Partners (IEP), Italy as an Advisory Board member.
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