Marwa Abou Dayya

Marwa Abou Dayya, a public policy and management consultant and a co-founding partner of Beyond Group, currently drives the Group’s Design Unit and spearheads business development, partnership building, and new ventures.

With over 15 years of experience, Marwa has overseen diverse projects spanning donor organizations, UN Agencies, and governments across SWANA, GCC, South Asia, and Africa. Her expertise encompasses policy and organizational development, capacity building, and entrepreneurship. She has contributed significantly to sectors including youth and women empowerment, economic development, and governance. Marwa has also played a pivotal role in supporting women-owned businesses and economic empowerment and has contributed to the development of SEEN Platform (https://www.seenplatform.com/).

Her commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship has made her a driving force in promoting sustainable development and inclusive growth.
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