Nancy Saliba, PhD

Nancy holds a Ph.D. in Social Sciences with a specialization in Waste Management and Entrepreneurship from HESAM Université Paris. With 15+ years of experience with the industrial sector, mainly in tissue paper recycling, FMCG manufacturing, and flexible packaging, Nancy led marketing, branding, and packaging efforts, while also spearheading environment, and food safety systems, as well as auditing quality management systems of private and public institutions. In 2017, Nancy transitioned into the entrepreneurship ecosystem, where she led innovation support programs in the MENA region. As a certified business coach for eco-entrepreneurs, she empowers startups with sustainable models. She's also a part-time university instructor, imparting her knowledge to future leaders.

Currently, Nancy is the Director of the Asher Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACIE) at USEK, Lebanon. She collaboratively cultivates initiatives with her team, empowering youth and facilitating innovative startup growth. Her vision is to promote entrepreneurship, driving enduring impact for individuals and communities.
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