Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor of Arts in Conservation, Restoration of Cultural Property & Sacred Art - Emphasis: Sacred Art (Open for Admission)

134 credits
For students entering the program at the Freshman level
(Please click here for more info on the Freshman program)
104 credits
For students entering the program at the Sophomore level
(holders of a recognized Baccalaureate or Freshman diploma - equivalent to 30 credits)


General Education Common Core Specialization Electives


Courses of the Department of Sacred Art are available exclusively at the main campus of Kaslik. The richness of the Syro­Antiochean heritage, its cultural diversity and the need to carry out necessary restorations and make the discipline better known, led to the foundation of the Department of Sacred Art, which cooperates with various Faculties and Institutes of USEK, while also maintaining contact with similar institutes in local and foreign universities.

Student Learning Outcomes

1. Graduates will be able to carry out iconography projects (design and execution).
2. Contribute to restoration of icons and paintings.
3. Carry out stained glass projects (design and execution).
4. Carry out mosaics projects (design and execution).
5. Conduct pottery and ceramics projects (design and execution).
6. Perform liturgical design and styling.
7. Undertake engraving projects (design and execution).
8. Carry out research, use documentation and conduct teaching assignments.

Program Outcomes

a. An ability to apply technical skills in applied arts.
b. An ability to restore icons according to ancient traditional techniques.
c. An ability to understand, describe and analyze a sacred artwork.
d. An ability to create new sacred artwork projects.
e. An ability to identify and compare the different artistic ecclesiastical traditions.
f. An ability to produce documentation on a subject related to sacred art.
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