Learning and Teaching Excellence

Mission, Vision and Objectives


The Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC) at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik is dedicated to the development of the professional qualifications of educators in teaching and learning through the promotion of teamwork, innovation, self-reflection and the efficient use of instructional technologies, and through sharing best practices to enhance the student learning experience.

LTEC serves USEK and non USEK faculty members by engaging and supporting them in their research-based teaching and learning concepts, and bringing them into intentional daily practice both inside and outside the classroom.

The LTEC provides a number of tools that can improve and enhance the online teaching and learning process, and also offers training on emerging digital platforms (such as e-learning) that can be used in both distance and face-to-face classrooms.


The Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC) plays a major role in the success of the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). It is taking a leading role in the development of faculty qualifications and will be recognized nationally and internationally for best practices, excellence and innovation in teaching and for ensuring a successful student learning experience.


The main focus of the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik is to support, promote and enhance teaching effectiveness and student learning.

LTEC aims to:
  • Facilitate the professional and intellectual development of faculty, staff, and graduate students as educators.
  • Promote and support a community of teachers where the theory and practice of teaching and learning are shared.
  • Help faculty members develop, implement, and assess instructional approaches and methods.
  • Foster innovations in Higher Education teaching and learning.
  • Advocate appropriate use of technology in enhancing university teaching and learning.
  • Help individual instructors assess their teaching effectiveness and their students’ learning.
  • Sustain a university culture that recognizes and rewards both scholarly teaching and the scholarship of teaching and learning.
  • Develop and maintain learning systems and technologies that can be used by staff and students across the university to facilitate and enable the online and hybrid teaching and learning process.
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