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The Business School strives to offer top-notch programs that enable executives and managers to embrace their leadership role and develop their skills. The school has partnered with international institutions and renowned business leaders to offer tailor made programs that combine the science of business and market practices. These executive trainings build on the participant’s experience and provide knowledge they can translate to improve their organization’s performance.

Current programs

Executive Program in Business Strategies and Performance with Carlos Ghosn
In the scope of the tridimensional initiative “Moving Forward” launched by USEK and Mr. Carlos Ghosn, the Business School developed a unique world-class executive program targeting senior managers across the MENA region. The curriculum aims to help organizations build a resilient business model while helping develop global leaders.

Organized around 10 modules, this certificate discusses current world business problematics with Mr. Ghosn himself, along with internationally renowned experts, and will be delivered through a combination of online and on-campus attendance options.

It is noteworthy that all proceeds will be directed to the funding of the USEK Skills and Development Center, another program within this initiative.

Round 4 (March 2024) : Now recruiting!

Round 3 - 2023
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Round 2 - 2022
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Round 1 - 2021
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“She Leads” Executive Certificate Program
“She leads” is the product of a collaboration between USEK and the Women Leaders Association (WLA). This executive program that specifically targets women is designed to shed light on important business aspects that would facilitate women’s breakthrough and effective roles at the top level of organizations.

Structured around presentations by trailblazers from the business world along with internationally renowned experts, the modules involve practical work allowing for learning based on real-life occurrences and great networking opportunities.

Leveraging AI for Business Transformation – Online Certificate
Technology is changing the business scape and companies are crucially seeking to differentiate themselves and increase their competitive edge. It has become essential to consider AI in transforming these businesses.

This online certificate investigates the foundation of the AI field through 5 modules that support leaders in their informed decision making. It is delivered by experts who will share insights that would revolutionize the business world today.
Certificate Fee: 500 USD

Fundamentals of Financial Engineering – Online Certificate
As the finance industry is growing in complexity, it is time to gear yourself with the knowledge to address the current issues and structure financial products during a volatile period.

This online certificate explores the fundamentals in financial engineering through 6 modules that answer trendy problematics in the investment world. It is delivered by experts who will share insights from a practical perspective with the support of Refinitiv – leader in financial market data and infrastructure.
Certificate Fee: 500 USD

Previous programs
George Washington University School of Business

About the Certificates

The George Washington University jointly with USEK delivers a series of Certificates to Executives and Top Management from all industries. These intensive and well-researched, short, flexible programs are conceived to allow managers to consolidate their knowledge and expertise.

Executives will benefit from a high-level team of GWU professors, attuned to the business field, who will strive to share their knowledge via a wide range of teaching methods and a diversified learning approach.

Each Certificate encompasses 3 intensive seminars, 2 delivered by GW experts and the 3rd by a Lebanese expert.

After completing these workshops, the candidates will receive a “Certificate of Completion” in a specific topic, which is jointly signed by The Georges Washington University School of Business (GWU) and the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK).

The George Washington University School of Business at a Glance

The George Washington University School of Business (GWSB), based in Washington, D.C., is embedded within the International Community – offering customized programs through collaborations with leading institutions across the globe. The School strives to provide students with the most thorough, dynamic and academically rigorous management education available anywhere.

GWSB is consistently recognized worldwide by leading ranking institutions for its reputation for scholarly research, teaching excellence and innovative curriculum. With its keen focus on ethical leadership, globalization and social responsibility, the School, equips students with the knowledge and skills they need, in order to best provide meaningful guidance to businesses, non-profit organizations and governments. It prepares its graduates to be Global Citizens, operating in today’s borderless economies.

The School’s highly ranked International Business curriculum, customized programs, diverse student body, engaged alumni and worldwide network of academic partnerships, are gradually changing the global face of business education. The GW School of Business is a catalyst for dialogue, as thoughtful business leaders engage with policy shapers across the globe. The depth and scope of its academic offerings, joined by the outstanding scholarship of its Faculty, provide rich opportunities for students in the School’s undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs.


“During the USEK/GW Strategic Thinking and Performance Improvement Seminar, I couldn’t help noticing (who wouldn’t) that The instructors/ Doctors were extremely committed, and the course delivery and the methodology used were astonishing, the different approaches were straight to the point and definitely met the seminar’s objectives. The interactions and networking were amazing, the real-time scenarios and personal cases exchanged were priceless, the combination of personal interactions and course content along with the deliverables were streamlined in a way, that for me, every aspect was covered”
Hassib KAI, Executive Partner at Moore Stephens.

“Taking the Strategic Thinking and Performance Management course has enlightened me for a life time. Applying what I learned in this course made me realize how blinded I was to some business behaviors in our organization that we had gotten used to and that had negative effects on the organization.
The atmosphere was so great and very comfortable especially the interaction between the attendees of the program. The methodologies used, were astonishing, the discussions and energetic interactions among such a varied group of members impressed me a lot. The candidates were extremely professional and friendly people. I really gained great knowledge from their experience in the business world.

Hassan Alame, PhD, CFO at Alame Group.

“When you realize that learning is a continuous process you admit that you still need to educate and update yourself armed with the will to develop new skills relevant to today’s business climate, and refine the ones you already acquired as one grows in career and fulfills objectives.”
Marc Haddad, Finance Director at Levant VivaKi – part of Publicis Groupe.

“I rate the program with an A+. Being so close to home and having access to a high level academic course with world class professors is not easy to find in the area. The seminar pushed me to “walk the talk” and practice the values I preach. Authenticity will give a high level of credibility, which is crucial for a leader to be supported by the team.”

Karim Frem, Plant Manager at Unipaq Tissue Mill Division – part of Indevco Group. 

6th Round of Participants – Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Performance Management
1. Hassib Arab, Senior Marketing Manager Karl Storz – Endoskope, East Mediterranean & Gulf
2. Marana Saad, Director Saint Rafca Institute & Choir
3. Maliha El Sadr, Founder and Director Ecil - a subsidiary of Imam El Sadr Foundation
4. Nisrine Haddad, Partner – Head of IP Department, Sader Law
5. Chadi Kreidy, General Manager, Sanita AFH
6. Pierre Tanios, GM, Sanita Consumer Products Egypt
7. Jean Bou Taan, Regional Sale & Business Development Manager, Unipaq
8. Marwan Jeha, Owner and GM, Horizon Construction
9. Hadi Darwiche, Operations Manager, Unipaq
10. Rodrigue Moussa, Operations Manager, Prepak - Indevco Group
11. Mahboub Mallah, GM, Hermes + Square
12. Rima Azar, General Manager, Sea Sky Services S.A.R.L.

5th Round of Participants
– Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Performance Management
1. Patrick Abi Nahed, Honorary Consul / Owner of Indepco - Nigeria
2. Ramzi Ibrahim, Executive Director Nesma
3. Mark J Alderson, Executive Manager - Nesma Catering company Nesma
4. Marwan Chiha, General Manager Nesma Trading
5. Souraya Bchouty, Bank Branch Manager BLOM BANK
6. Elie Bou Younes, Director / Owner Pharma D
7. Tina Habib, Head of Transport and Logistics department, USEK
8. Madonna Salameh, Head of the corporate relations Unit, USEK
9. Walid Yamout, Group internal audit manager Desco Management SAL - Debbane Group

4th Round of Participants
– Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Performance Management
1. Mr. Joseph Daccache, Managing Director, Sayfco
2. Honorary Consel Patrick Abi Nahed, Homorary Counsel / Owner of Amin Group
3. Mr. Abdallah Fakhredine, Business Development Manager, Schneider Electric
4. Mr. John Fawaz, Regional Director, Debbane Agriculture Holding
5. Mr. Tony Karam, Airport Operation Manager, Etihad Airways
6. Mrs. Sana Moukaddem, Senior Marketing Director, Perla
7. Mr. Ramzi Ibrahim, Executive Manager - Corporate Support Division, Nesma
8. Mr. Mark J Alderson, Executive Manager - Nesma Catering Division, Nesma
9. Mr. Marwan Chiha, Executive Manager - Construction Division, Nesma
10. Mr. Ahmad Makke, Group Executive Director, Khalil Fattal et Fils
11. Mrs. Frida Farah, General Manager, Breakfast & Co

3rd round of Participants – Certificate in Strategic Thinking & Performance Management
1. Dr. Ranwa Sawaya, Chairman of Intermed, Chairman of Middle East Kennel Club, Chairman of Aquamarina II Complex;
2. Mr. Hassib Kay, Executive Partner at Moore Stephens;
3. Mr. Henri Tabet, Chief Administration Officer, CAO at Bank of Beirut;
4. Mr. Rabih Yaghi, Head of the HR Department at Bank of Beirut;
5. Mr. Dany Drakebly, Corporate Business Development Manager at Arabia Insurance;
6. Mr. Samer El Gharib, Head of Promotion Department at MTV;
7. Dr. Hasan Alame, Chief Financial Officer at Alame Group;
8. Mrs. Carine Khalil, Executive Online Researcher at INDEVCO Group.

2nd Round of Participants – Certificate in Leadership
1. Mrs. May Arida, Managing director of Mind the Gap Advertising Agency
2. Mr. Serge Ayanian, General Manager of Ayanian Group SAL
3. Mr. Donald Batal, CEO of Ministry of food / Classic Burger
4. Mr. Karim Bassil, Regional Logistics Manager & Commercial Manager of TNT, Skynet, Net Logistics
5. Mr. Danny Hanna, Relationship Manager at First National Bank – FNB
6. Mr. Wassim Khoury, Head of Branch Solutions Department at Bank of Beirut
7. Mr. Fahim Mirza, Head of Middle Market Banking Department at Bank of Beirut
8. Mr. Hovig Nigoghossian, Artist - Interior Designer; works as Freelancer in Lebanon and the MENA region
9. Mr. Rany Sader, Managing Partner - IP Specialist at Sader Law
10. Mrs. Dona Turk, Ambassador / Coach at The Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1st Round of Participants – Certificate in Leadership
1. Mr. Georges Awad, Head of Retail & Branches Division at Bank of Beirut
2. Mr. Karim Frem, Plant Manager at Unipaq Tissue Mill Division – part of Indevco Group
3. Dr. Ranwa Sawaya Hasbani, Chairman of Intermed, Chairman of Middle East Kennel Club, Chairman of Aquamarina II Complex
4. Mr. Marc Haddad, Finance Director Levant VivaKi – part of Publicis Groupe
5. Mr. Eddy Khoury, Head of Corporate Banking Department at Bank of Beirut
6. Mr. Fady Karam, General Manager of Karam Design
7. Mr. Jeff Abou Hamad, Claim Department Manager at CAPE Insurance
8. Dr. Walid Slaiby, General Manager of BELVA Trading and Professor at USEK

The essentials of MBA – Certificate program delivered by HEC Montreal at USEK

About the program

As corporate management is now more demanding than ever, it is important for executives and senior managers to step back and take the time to broaden and deepen their knowledge and reinforce key skills. As such, ‘‘the Essentials of MBA’’ program is aimed at executives and senior managers and/or those who will be assuming these functions in the short term.

The program is conceived with a practical content adapted to the needs of today’s executives and senior managers. It also offers the opportunity to tap into the rich and diversified knowledge of fellow participants.

This program will enable participants to:
  • develop a management method that takes into account all of the aspects of their business;
  • reinforce their generic skills and rid themselves of learned behaviors that hinder efficiency;
  • familiarize themselves with current practices and recognize the interdependence of various corporate functions;
  • reinforce their strategic perspective of management issues;
  • understand the impact of major economic and social trends on corporate management.

Structure of the program

6 modules delivered each over 3 full days by a different instructor - except the last module is for 4 days:
1. Operations & Logistics
2. Marketing Intelligence
3. Financial Performance
4. Design Thinking
5. Strategic Management
6. Globstrat

HEC Montréal at a Glance

  • Founded in 1907, HEC Montréal is the first business school in North America to hold the three most prestigious accreditations in management education: AACSB International, AMBA and EQUIS. HEC Montréal trains 7,000 executives and managers a year.
  • Ranks among the best business schools in the world according to Forbes, Financial Times, AméricaÉconomía, and Expansión.
  • Plays a major leadership role in research thanks to its 31 research chairs (including 23 research and knowledge transfer units).
  • Employs more than 290 lecturers who teach in more than 100 management programs, from BBA to PhD.
  • Has more than 14,000 students, of which 31% come from abroad.
  • Is an influential business network consisting of more than 91,200 alumni around the globe.
  • Offers remote access to the largest bilingual business library in Canada.
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