School of Engineering

Minor in Biomedical Engineering

18 credits
For students entering the program at the Sophomore level
(holders of a recognized Baccalaureate or Freshman diploma - equivalent to 30 credits)


A minor in biomedical engineering is offered for all engineering students (electrical, computer, mechanical, chemical and civil engineering) at USEK. This minor will help students to expand their knowledge in the field of biomedical engineering and to apply their skills in the restraint environment of the medical field.

Program Educational Objectives

Students of this program will be better prepared to successfully pursue:
1. Focused study leading to research or professional practice in biomedical engineering.
2. Careers in biomedical engineering industries or related technical and professional fields.

Program Outcomes

a. Apply biomedical knowledge and skills in their professional career.
b. Be familiar with complex systems in healthcare environments.
c. Able to design and troubleshoot medical devices.

Minor Requirements

18 credits are necessary to fulfill requirements of the biomedical engineering minor: 3 credits from Group I courses, either 6 credits from Group II courses and 3 credits from Group IV or 3 credits from Group II and 6 credits from Group IV, 6 credits from Group III courses.
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