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A. Student Admissions
Admission to any program at USEK is administered by a centralized University Admissions Committee (UAC), which is usually composed of a Chairperson, the Director of Orientation and the Admission Office of the University, and School representatives.
USEK admission rules and regulations can be found at Admission/Undergraduate-Studies

The UAC ensures that both USEK admission requirements and the School of Engineering admission requirements are applied.

The School of Engineering at USEK has a uniform admission policy across all its programs. All candidates for admission to FE must have completed the educational requirements as set forth by the University.

Admission is not capacity-limited.
School of Engineering admission rules and regulations can be found at: Future Students/Regulations
The UAC has defined three different admission tracks for undergraduate programs.

I. Normal Admission Track
To enroll in undergraduate studies at USEK applicants must:
1. Hold a Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent degree recognized by the Higher Education Ministry in Lebanon.

2. Fill in an undergraduate studies admission form online or at the Orientation and Admission Office, and attach the following documents:
a. A photocopy of the national identity card (a photocopy of the passport for foreigners);
b. A photocopy of a recent family civil extract (not older than 3 months and only for Lebanese citizens);
c. Two recent passport photos;
d. A photocopy of the grades transcript of the three secondary classes certified by the school (the first two trimesters for Grade 12/20, in case the admission form is submitted before the end of the current academic year);
e. The certificate of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or an equivalent degree (as soon as it is obtained), certified by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education;
f. An attestation of university studies already completed, if applicable.
The complete admission application should be returned to the USEK Orientation and Admission Office within the deadline dates fixed in the Academic Calendar, published on the University website (

3. Pay the fees for opening a student file and for an admission tests; these non-refundable fees should be set up beforehand in one of the banks listed in the admission file and on the University’s website.

4. Pass the admission test, organized by the University, relevant to the chosen program.

5. Students meeting the above requirements are then required to take placement tests in English and French language.

II. Admission on File Track
Applicants who are eligible to be admitted on file are students in their final year of high school. They are required to submit a completed application to the Orientation and Admission Office, according to the dates fixed in the academic calendar, available on the University website or at the Orientation and Admission Office.

The Admission Committee carefully studies each application, adopting flexible criteria with each particular case. In general, eligible are students ranked among the top three in class and/or having a GPA in Lebanese Baccalaureate greater than 14/20. In case of linguistic deficiency, according to the teaching language of the chosen program, the student has to pass the language placement test.

Applicants admitted on file with excellent school results throughout the three secondary classes are eligible for obtaining a scholarship and this according to the criteria defined by the Regulations of Granting Excellence Scholarships and Merit Scholarships.
III. Admission on Title Track 
Applicants who obtained a Very Good ranking or above in the Lebanese Baccalaureate, or its equivalent, automatically benefit from an admission on title, as well as an excellence scholarship.

However, If correlation cannot be established between the official exam grades of the applicant, his/her grades at high school and the assessment given by the school, the Admission Committee will issue an unfavorable notice towards the admission on file or granting a scholarship.

Table 1.1
Freshman Mapping for Lebanese Baccalaureate
Code  Title  Credits 
CHM 102  Principles of Chemistry  3
HUM 101  Humanities I  3
HUM 105  Language and Civilization I  3
HUM 110  Introduction to Philosophy  3
MAT 101  Calculus I  3
MAT 102  Calculus II  3
MAT 115  College Algebra and Trigonometry  3 
PHY 101    General Physics I  3
PHY 110  General Physics II  3
PHY 120  Electricity and Magnetism  3
   Freshman Mapping for General Sciences Baccalaureate  

Code  Title  Credits 
BIO 101  General Biology I  3
BIO 102  General Biology II  3
CHM 102  Principles of Chemistry  3
HUM 101  Humanities I  3
HUM 105  Language and Civilization I  3
HUM 110  Introduction to Philosophy  3
MAT 101  Calculus I  3 
MAT 102  Calculus II  3
PHY 101  General Physics I  3
PHY 110  General Physics II  3
   Freshman Mapping for Life Science Baccalaureate  

FE Admission Requirements 
All candidates must meet USEK admission requirements and must:
  • Hold a Scientific Lebanese Baccalaureate (Life Science or General Sciences) or its equivalence from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.
    [This requirement overrides USEK admission requirement #1]
  • Pass the Engineering Entrance Exam (EEE) which is a 4:30 hour multiple choice exam on Mathematic, Physics, Chemistry, and General knowledge (See Annex-1).
    [This requirement overrides USEK admission requirement #4]

The admission is only valid for the ongoing academic year. The applicant who does not register for one of the two semesters during the year in which he/she is accepted, loses his/her right of admission; he/she will then have to submit a new application form to be studied according to the admission conditions.

No admission is authorized for the summer session, noting that the first registration at USEK should take place during fall or spring semesters.

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