Access Office

USEK is committed to the principles of equality, diversity, and inclusion.
The Access Office (AO) was established to make campus more open and manageable for students with special needs. By working closely with academic and professional services staff across the University to ensure appropriate resources, support and reasonable adjustments are in place.

You can contact the AO at any stage of your studies. However, to make sure the support you need is in place at an early stage, please contact us as soon as possible.
For general enquiries, you can email us for further information about the types of assistance can be provided, in addition to campus accessibility, parking, and assistive technologies for the classroom and studying.

In 2021 the University signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the National Autism Community (NAC) to understand how to adjust to assist students with special needs. If you need this specific kind of assistance, please contact us.


USEK is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community where students, faculty, staff, and alumni can develop a distinguished ability to adapt, work, learn and live-in diverse environments. The mission of the Access Office is to act by USEK’s commitment and adopt an individualized approach to empower each student by providing the best resources and facilities to enable them to fulfill their academic potential.

The AO specialists collaborate with the USEK Counseling Center (UCC), the Learning and Teaching Excellence Center (LTEC), students, faculty, and staff to provide an equitable and accessible environment in all learning opportunities, programs, activities resources and facilities offered at USEK.


We are committed to developing a university community and society where individuals with special needs can thrive and fully participate.
The AO works to provide and promote a student-centered, supportive, accessible, non-discriminatory learning and working environment for students, faculty, staff, and visitors with special needs.


  • Ensure access for eligible students with special needs
  • Advise on digital accessibility, assistive technology, and user experience
  • Prepare a personalized accommodation letter upon the need
  • Ensure students are evaluated based on their ability (not their disability)
  • Influence university access and inclusion policies and encouraging positive changes regarding accessibility/universal design across campus.
  • Provide advice, consultation, awareness and training on disability topics in collaboration with LTEC.
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