Deputy President for Students


In partnership with students and colleagues, the Office of the Deputy President for Students (ODPS) creates engaging environments and experiences that foster knowledge, well-being, autonomy, and a sense of belonging. We aim to assist our community in achieving intellectual, physical, mental, and personal development beyond the classroom experience. In accordance with the university’s core values, we seek to lead with honesty, inventiveness, and a desire to grow by enhancing the lives of our students and cultivating them to become critical-thinking citizens in Lebanon and around the world.


The ODPS aims to create a favorable and inspiring environment for the USEK community focused on an individualized student-centered strategy enabling them to unleash their full potential.
The ODPS, in alignment with the University’s mission and vision, arbitrates on all non-academic activities and gives necessary guidance to students and other student support offices on campus life. In particular, the office offers the following services:
  • Supervising and providing guidance to the student support offices in carrying out their responsibilities.
  • Initiating policies and procedures within student support offices and reviewing them.
  • Evaluating the beginning and end-of-year activities including orientation sessions, the commencement ceremony, social, cultural, athletic, psychological, and artistic activities, and programs of the campus such as the talent program.
  • Evaluating on a yearly basis the student support offices action plan, their updates, what has been achieved and what was reported to the following year.
  • Supporting and supervising, the student representatives draw, meeting with them on a weekly basis to discuss prompting matters and new initiatives.
  • - Proposing initiatives to improve students’ engagement on campus and their wellbeing.
  • Acting on disciplinary cases referred to by the schools, or offices in accordance with the University rules and regulations.
  • Following up the sports departments, the selection of the teams and granting the athletes their scholarships.
  • Managing and tracking all pending/outstanding loan documents for graduate and current students.
  • Drafting and preparing loan agreements for graduates and current students.
  • Overseeing the work done by the ACCESS Office that is in charge of students with disabilities.
      Dr. Céline Baaklini
Deputy President for Students
      Leah Hajjar
      Jenny Nassar
Loan Agreement Officer
      Mariana Saadé
Administrative Officer

Opening hours:
Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed on USEK holidays)

Tel.: +961 9 600 293 – 296 – 297
Campus: Building A, Ground Floor
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
Tel.: (+961) 9 600 000
Fax : (+961) 9 600 100
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