University Chaplain Office

The Office of the University Chaplain was established by the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, itself founded by the Lebanese Maronite Order (OLM) in 1938, with the purpose of broadening the reach of OLM spirituality at the University.

The office aims to support all pastoral and social activities, namely liturgical celebrations, biblical sharing sessions, spiritual accompaniment, conferences, spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, humanitarian and social activities, socio-cultural outings and sports activities. The chaplain provides assistance to pastoral and scout movement events, through the USEK University Pastoral, the Marian Apostolic Movement and Scout Spirit.

The University Pastoral

The University Pastoral was founded by the Assembly of the Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops in Lebanon in 1979, and was officially recognized by the Lebanese State in 1988. Registered within the organic statute of the University, the Pastoral is open to all current students.

The objective of any University Pastoral within a Catholic higher education institution in Lebanon is to provide for students a space for leading a Christian life and spiritual reflection. Those students who join have the chance to live a fulfilling human experience of exchanges and encounters.

Marian Apostolic Movement

The Marian Apostolic Movement is a Christian secular movement founded originally in Lebanon in 1973 and in 2017 at the University. It takes the Virgin Mary as an idol, to honor Her in their mission and practical life. It was created to meet the need to live the spirituality of the Oriental Church and the Vatican Council II reforms.

The USEK branch of this Movement brings together all its current and former members together with the aim of participating in the mission of the Lebanese Maronite Order at the University.

Scout Spirit

Scout Spirit is a group of youth founded in 2017 at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK). It gathers all the University students who belong to different scout associations, be they current or previous members.

As its name indicates, Scout Spirit aims to bring the values of the scouting movement to life at the University through a range of activities. Scout Spirit also helps its participants, from across the different faculties and campuses, to get to know and interact with each other.

Apostolic Team

The Apostolic Team unites all those who want to participate in religious and social activities at the University, whether teachers, administrators, staff or students.
    Fr. Joseph Daher
University Chaplain 
    Fr. Joseph Njeim
Assistant University Chaplain

Opening hours
Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (closed on USEK holidays)

Building B 115

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Tel: + 961 9 600 593 (Administrative Assistant Office)
Fax: +961 9 600 100

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