Faculty of Letters

(To become Faculty of Arts and Science starting September 2019)

Dean’s word

A Faculty of Letters is a microcosm of culture. It is where we learn to decode, analyze, give meaning and deal with complexity. It is where we acquire linguistic, literary, communication as well as professionally targeted skills that are highly valued and fervently sought.

To this end, the Faculty of Letters has set for itself the fundamental goal of training the youth of tomorrow and shaping them to succeed in the world. Our Faculty aspires to see this same youth spreading the know-how, proving themselves and striving to provide fresh impetus to knowledge, and therefore taking action to add more value to their territory, as well as to the ecosystem in general.

In the era of globalized communication where the spirit can wander beyond borders, students from all backgrounds may find within the frame of our Faculty of Letters the very place of heritage and of extended heritage; the place of texts pertaining to humanity and digital humanities; and the place of openness to otherness, internationally and universally. It is also the perfect realm of multilingualism, multiculturalism and career paths built on eclecticism and excellence because we are intrinsically USEK’s most multidisciplinary.

In a constantly changing world, our Faculty of Letters is in tune with progress and strives to professionalize its programs and to facilitate the mobility of its students locally, regionally and internationally. It also offers top-notch majors and quality minors, and endeavors to enhance its visibility through the accreditation of its various academic programs by evalag.

It is the future that determines the present as Paul Watzlawick, the pioneer of the systemic theory, asserts. The reality that is yet to come is not necessarily determined by the past; it has still to be created. It is through this perspective that we coach and educate our students, being certain that one day they will know how to make the difference and – hopefully - make a difference.

Nicole Saliba-Chalhoub
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
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