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People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture, are like trees without roots. It has been noted that the number of students enrolled in letters majors, especially in history, is progressing at a gradually declining pace, which is attributed to the evolution of more exact sciences. Therefore, our faculties are currently bearing out students' scarcity. This lack of students is directly related to society as a whole, and its outcomes are highly nocuous. In fact, it blurs the visual perception, poisons the aptitude to make adequate decisions and causes confusion in thinking.

As the issue we face is pressing, we are called to put together innovative programs of education in history for the purpose of resuscitating our specialization. We have collected some of our thoughts and regrouped them into what follows:
  • compiling together several study programs in various specializations such as history, law and political science.
  • connecting the study of history to profound research, and as such, to the master's and PhD diplomas.
  • designing specializations at diplomas levels in history, such as the history of economic, social or political institutions.

It is said that history has a way of repeating itself. Thus, in the global crises that we are enduring at the moment, the exploration of history might be our only solution. The world needs to recognize its roots in order to make its branches flourish.

Kaslik, December 22, 2016
Dr. Linda Rizk Saber
Holy Spirit University of Kaslik
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