AJYAL: Lebanese Heritage Education Program

Empowering Connections, Cultivating Heritage

At USEK, we understand the importance of preserving cultural roots, especially for the vibrant children of the Lebanese community spread across the world. Thus, AJYAL program was developed and as an authentic yet innovative initiative that aims to foster a profound connection to the Lebanese heritage among the young generations and seeks to expand across the globe, among the Lebanese expansion worldwide.

AJYAL is more than just a program; it's a cultural odyssey meticulously designed to engage, educate, and inspire, while fostering cross-cultural connections, building bridges that span continents, and ensuring that every participant embarks on a journey of discovery and pride in their Lebanese identity.


AJYAL, meaning "generations" in Arabic, revolves around a collaborative effort to strengthen the cultural ties between Lebanon and its youth around the world. This innovative activity-based learning program is designed to instill pride in Lebanese heritage and facilitate cross-generational dialogue among children with Lebanese roots aged 7 to 17. They will learn in an interactive way all about the Lebanese heritage, culture, history, geography, architecture, and traditions, through board games, puzzles and educational activities. From exploring historical landmarks to savoring traditional cuisine and delving into the intricacies of Lebanese culture, AJYAL creates an immersive experience that resonates across borders.

AJYAL Objectives

1. Cultivate a deep connection to Lebanese heritage among the youth worldwide.
2. Encourage cross-generational dialogue and appreciation.
3. Drive youth engagement and interest in the Lebanese heritage through interactive and educational activities.
4. Boost the sense of belonging to Lebanon among the Lebanese youth abroad
5. Develop the feeling of pride in our Lebanese origins at an early stage among our youth

What AJYAL Offers

AJYAL provides a comprehensive curriculum featuring diverse topics encompassing Lebanese history, festivals, folklore, music, language, cuisine and much more. Each session is thoughtfully crafted to promote pride in heritage and nurture connections across generations. It is a bridge between generations, a celebration of heritage, and an opportunity to create lasting connections.

Join us in this unique initiative as we preserve and promote our rich Lebanese culture. Be part of the AJYAL family, where the world becomes a classroom, and cultural heritage becomes a living, vibrant experience.

AJYAL’s first edition was held in Toronto, Canada, from 11 to 15 March, 2024.

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Meet the team

Rima Mattar, PHD
Deputy President for
International Affairs and Global
Jad Fayad
Head of Program

Lena Khater, PHD
Music Heritage
Content Specialist
Paul Zgheib, PHD
Cultural Heritage
Content Specialist

Hany Kahwaji Janho, PHD
Architectural Heritage
Content Specialist
Nagy Jalkh
Audio Visual
Content Specialist

Alfred Moussa
Photography and
Archive Specialist
Rita Abou Jreish Aoun
Program Support Coordinator


Clara Kamel
Social Media
Engagement External
Mary Aouad
Communication Coordinator

Lynn Ibrahim
Student Intern
Suzanne Beainy
Student Intern

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