International Students Scholarship Program

USEK’s International Students Scholarships Program (ISSP) is part of USEK’s internationalization strategy. It aims at attracting students from different backgrounds and countries on campus and enriching the academic experience of USEK’s current students by providing them with an international learning environment. Having both international and local students on campus is a catalyst for diversity and a key for students’ global engagement.

What will you get if you join our program?
The ISSP gives you the chance to:
  • Access to opportunities in one of the top universities in Lebanon.
  • Strengthen your cultural and scientific knowledge.
  • Pursue your higher education at USEK without allowing financial problems to stand in your way.
  • Learn about the Middle East from a different perspective and engage with Lebanese students, which would allow further cultural exchange.
  • Put your sports skills at use if you are an athlete and wish to potentially become part of our sports teams.
  • Improve your language proficiency in your field of study, but also in your everyday life on campus. USEK students will be glad to guide you around (Click here for more information about our Be‐A‐Buddy Program).
Eligibility, Admission, and Application


For Undergraduate Studies
  • Scholarships for a set of specific programs are offered to international students residing outside Lebanon. Students with Lebanese origin residing abroad are eligible to apply, whereas binational students residing in Lebanon are not.
  • Applicants should not be already enrolled at USEK.
  • Applicants should meet the USEK admission criteria required for each program.
  • Applicants should demonstrate a good academic standing. Please refer to paragraph 3.2 to know the admission criteria, as they may differ depending on the field of study you are choosing.
  • Applicants’ willingness to participate in USEK sports’ activities is a plus.

For Graduate Studies
International students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are willing to pursue a master’s degree are eligible to apply. They should have a minimum GPA of 85/100 on their bachelor’s degree.

In addition to the above‐mentioned criteria, applicants should be willing to provide assistantship upon request (assistantship vacancies are posted on an annual basis).

Admission Criteria

Admission criteria for undergraduate studies: Click here 

Admission criteria for graduate studies: In addition to completing the admission file, you will need to submit a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation, and an oral interview in the language of the program you are choosing.

The applicant for graduate studies should have a minimum GPA of 85/100 (or equivalent).

Application Instructions

To apply, interested students should submit the required documents to by the deadline mentioned in section "Deadlines for applying" below.

Incomplete applications or late submissions will not be considered.

In addition to general eligibility requirements, each scholarship and academic award may have specific eligibility criteria determined by the USEK committee in charge of administering scholarships.

N.B. The selection process will be ensured by a Selection Committee, and scholarships will be allocated according to the academic standing and motivation of the applicants. The selection process is clear and transparent, and no favoritism or discrimination is tolerated.
What does the scholarship cover?
The scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fees for bachelor or master programs (excluding remedial courses).

Application fees, registration fees per semester, travel to/from Lebanon, dorms and living expenses are to be covered by the applicant.
Conditions for keeping the scholarship
Maintaining the scholarship from one year to another depends on the GPA that the applicants sustain throughout their studies.

The USEK International students’ scholarships are forfeited in any of the following cases:
a. Academic probation
b. Change of academic program
c. Interruption of studies
d. Course(s) Withdrawal (W)
e. Term Withdrawal (WW)
f. Course failure
g. Part‐time enrollment (less than 12 credits per semester for Undergraduate Studies or less than 6 credits per semester for Graduate Studies)
h. Upon decision of the Disciplinary Council
i. Enrollment in an exchange program (Grade P or R)
Deadlines for applying
Fall Semester: Wednesday, June 1, 2023 │GMT+2 (12:00 a.m. Beirut time) Spring

Semester: To be announced

Summer Session: No applications are accepted for the Summer Session.
List of programs to apply for

Bachelor Programs

Program Nb of credits  For more info
Bachelor in Business Administration Emphasis: Audit      99      Click here
Bachelor in Business Administration Emphasis: Finance      99      Click here
BA in Management and Entrepreneurship      99      Click here
BA in Marketing      99      Click here
BA in Transport and Logistics      99      Click here
BA in Business Computing      99      Click here
BA in Hotel Management      99      Click here
BS in Architectural Studies      138      Click here
BA Communication and Visual Arts      108      Click here
BA in Digital Media      108      Click here
BA in Cinema and Television      102      Click here
BA in Education      96      Click here
BA in Modern Languages and Translation      96      Click here
BA in Music      96      Click here
BA in Performing Arts      96      Click here
BA in Philosophy      96      Click here
BA in Psychology      96      Click here
BA in Social Sciences      96      Click here
BS in Actuarial and Financial Mathematics      96      Click here
BS in Biochemistry      96      Click here
BS in Biology      96      Click here
BS in Computer Science      96      Click here
BS in Human Nutrition and Dietetics      96      Click here
BS in Information Technology      96      Click here
BA in International Relations      96      Click here

Master Programs

Program     Nb of credits     For more info
Master’s in Business Administration Emphasis: Audit      39
   Click here
Master’s in Business Administration Emphasis: Finance      39      Click here
MA in Diplomacy and International Security      36      Click here

Frequently Asked Questions
What makes a good letter of recommendation?
A letter of recommendation is usually written by someone who has spent some time with you. Only go to someone you think can write a positive letter about you. Your teacher should also ask you about the university you are applying to, and tailor the letter to what they think the university is looking for in your letter.

What makes a good motivation letter?
Your motivation letter should reflect why you are pursuing this scholarship. It should introduce you, your achievements, and how your scholarship would contribute to the development of your track. It should have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

I have applied for a scholarship. When will I find out if I am accepted?
You will be informed via email if your application was accepted or not on the following dates: Fall Semester 2024: End of July 2023
Spring Semester 2024: To be announced

What must I do to maintain my scholarship?
In order to maintain the scholarship, it is important to meet the criteria for which the scholarship was awarded. A good academic standing (with specific details for each program) is also required.
You should also avoid going into one of the situations specified in paragraph 5 (see above).

Who can I contact if I need more information?
For more information, you can contact

Will I be provided with assistance to apply for a visa/residency permit and to find accommodation in Lebanon?
Selected applicants will receive the information needed to apply for a visa or residency permit in Lebanon.
USEK offers on‐campus dorms for females only. For more details, you can contact
If you wish to be informed about other off‐campus dorms, a list of dorms and studios in the region will be sent to you.

P.S.: Please note that USEK does not assume any responsibility vis‐à‐vis the concerned dorm owners or managers.

Is USEK providing specific guidance and services for international students?
Yes, as an international student, you will be provided with a personal guidance to integrate USEK community and to have a successful experience.
At your arrival, you will participate in an Orientation Session for all new students and a Welcome Session for international students in order to get all the needed information for your stay at USEK and in Lebanon.
You will be also paired with a Lebanese buddy who will guide you in your administrative procedures and familiarize you with the USEK’s student life (Click here for more information about our Be‐A‐ Buddy Program).
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