School of Law and Political Sciences

Master in Business Law

23 credits


DRG520Advanced Business Law
2 credits
This course undertakes a comparative study of the French and Lebanese law concerning the acts and assets of a commercial enterprise, including commercial transactions, business and business transactions, and commercial lease.
DRG510Advanced Corporate Law
2 credits
This course examines the following three topics: 1) the main operations that may affect the company as a group; 2) the legal acts that the partners can conclude to perfect the rules of corporate operations; 3) the rules of powers and responsibilities applicable to each corporate player, legal person, and corporate organs.
DRG535Bankruptcy and Reorganization
2 credits
This course examines the main rules and the philosophy of preventing and addressing business difficulties in French and European law, as compared to the Lebanese law, which takes after an older tradition.
DRG670Competition Law
2 credits
This course examines the rules of competition in international, European and national laws.
DRG665Contractual Technique
2 credits
This course adopts a practical approach to contract law, by examining the general structure of a contract and its principal provisions, and includes the analysis and drafting of clauses.
DRG555Criminal Business Law
2 credits
This course provides an overview of the criminal offenses applicable to the business and corporate world: 1) common law offenses also applicable to enterprises, especially fraud, breach of trust, and money laundering; 2) specific business offenses, including the misappropriation of corporate assets, and bankruptcy.
DRG675Distribution Contracts
2 credits
This course examines all main contracts related to structuring a distribution network, including exclusivity agreements, selective distribution, exclusive concession, and franchise.
DRG525Financial Instruments
2 credits
This course studies the various legal instruments used in financing operations, such as banking practice contracts, assorting guarantees, and the financial instruments of corporate law.
DRG625International Contract Law
2 credits
This course examines several transversal topics, such as the conflicts of laws and jurisdictions, arbitration, and the United Nations Vienna Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.
DRG545Law and Business of Corporate Transaction
2 credits
This course provides a comparative approach to contract law, including intermediary contracts, commercial agencies, mandates, commissions, and brokerage under French and Lebanese law.
DRG650Internship Report
3 credits
The student completes an internship in a company or law firm for a minimum period of two months, in Lebanon or abroad. Following the internship, the student drafts an internship report and defends it before a jury composed of three members, at least two of whom are teaching personnel on the Graduate Studies level. The third member may be a USEK teacher and doctor of law, or the student’s internship supervisor.
DRG590AResearch Dissertation
6 credits
The student prepares a research paper under the direction of a Master’s teacher and defends it before a jury composed of three teachers, at least two of whom are part of the Master’s teaching team. The third member may be a USEK teacher and doctor of law.


The Master II in Business Law of the USEK Faculty of Law, in partnership with the Faculty of Law of the Université de Poitiers, aims to offer its students an in-depth training, through a comparative approach, in French, European and Lebanese Business Law.

Program Outcomes

a. Students will familiarize themselves with and deepen their knowledge of French, European and Lebanese business law in general, including corporate law, financial law, contract and distribution law, business law, and bankruptcy law.
b. The legal techniques of commercial contract drafting are covered through a practical approach.
c. Students will learn a research methodology specifically designed for business and corporate
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