Business School

Executive MBA - Digital Management

38 credits
In collaboration with ESSCA School of Management, France. Students will be provided with a dual diploma: a specialized Master degree in Digital Management from ESSCA, and an Executive MBA from USEK

Learning Goal 1: Graduates will master the strategic digital marketing experience.
Learning Objective 1. Analyze experiential marketing strategies in order to implement an e-shopping experience.
Learning Objective 2. Demonstrate ability to synchronize a mobile marketing plan within a multichannel strategy.
Learning Objective 3. Exploit data and construct a performing business marketing approach based on customer knowledge.

Learning Goal 2: Graduates will practice innovation pertaining to digital business models.
Learning Objective 1. Develop an innovation and use a business model canvas.
Learning Objective 2. Define a digital communication strategy.

Learning Goal 3: Graduates will possess digital strategic brand management abilities.
Learning Objective. Develop and implement a 360-degree digital brand action plan.

Learning Goal 4: Graduates will gain the necessary skills related to digital transformation.
Learning Objective 1. Understand the digital transformation of the organizations and management evolutions related to digital development.
Learning Objective 2. Understand agile project management concepts and apply appropriate management methods in a digital business environment.

Learning Goal 5: Graduates will have effective communication skills.
Learning Objective 1. Organize, write and execute oral and written professional reports for business in a global environment.
Learning Objective 2. Speak and present using professional communication skills and technology.
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